A blanket can be folded.

It's easy to fold your blankets for storage or decoration.You can make your blankets smaller by folding them in half several times.Depending on what you want your blankets to look like, you can get creative.Once you get the hang of it, folding your blankets is easy. Step 1: Unfold the blanket and place it on a flat surface. Lay your blanket out flat to make folding it easier.Hold the blanket in your hands and stretch it across the floor.You can easily reach each corner if you use this method. Step 2: Place the blanket in half. Bring the corners to the opposite side to make your first fold.If you have a rectangular blanket, fold it in half. Step 3: Using your hands, smooth out any folds. As you make your folds, run your hands over the top of the blanket to remove any folds.As long as there is no wrinkling, your blanket will be neat and flat. Step 4: The blanket should be folded in half. Bring the shorter side of the blanket to the other side with your hands.After you make your second fold, smooth out anywrinkles. Step 5: Continue to fold the blanket in half to make it smaller or store it as is. If you want your blanket to be folded up smaller for storage, just keep folding it in half until you're satisfied with the size.If you fold the blanket in half, it may get bulky and not be able to stay folded. Step 6: If you want an orderly display, fold the throw blanket in thirds. Bring one side to the center, then fold the other side on top.The throw blanket display can be used for your bed or sofa.If you shake out the blanket, it will lay flat. Step 7: If you want to show more of the blanket, fold the throw in half. Bring the blanket over to the other side by holding it by the corners on one side.To display a rectangular blanket, fold it in half.If you want to place your throw across the bottom of your bed, this is a great idea. Step 8: Put the blanket over your furniture. When you have your blanket folded in half or thirds, hold it by the edges so the folds stay in place, and gently lay it over top of your furniture.You can place your blanket anywhere you want, such as across the back of the couch or the foot of your bed.You can flip your blanket over the corner of the sofa or lay it flat at the base of your bed to make a runner.You can drape your blanket over the chair. Step 9: Run your hands over the blanket. When you lay down your blanket, smooth out the surface with your hand.The throw blanket may look messy if there is any wrinkling.Throw blankets add warmth to any room. Step 10: Put your blanket on the ground. Hold the corners of your blanket and shake them out.Drop the blanket to the ground and make sure the edges are straight.This makes it easy to fold your blanket. Step 11: Tuck your blanket under the rest. Lift your blanket up by pinching it in the center from the shorter edge.You should tuck the edge of the blanket under the rest.The pocket that secures your blanket is created by this. Step 12: Take your blanket and divide it into 3 equal sections. Divide your blanket into thirds after you created your pocket.Place the other side on top of the middle one.It's easy to neatly roll up your blanket by folding it into 3 equal sections. Step 13: The blanket should be placed on top of the rest. If you want to neatly roll the edge, flip the blanket from the closest edge to the rest.This doesn't have to be an exact measurement.The fold helps you roll the blanket. Step 14: Roll your blanket tightly, starting at the side you just folded it on. You can stack the end of your blanket on top of the rest if you pinch the edge.Roll your blanket tightly as you can.Continue rolling the blanket until you reach the end if you use your hands as guides.If you are having trouble keeping your blanket rolled tightly, you can try again.Roll the blanket tightly to neatly tuck it into the pocket. Step 15: The blanket needs to be secured with your hands. Don't let go after rolling the blanket.You should keep your hands on the blanket at all times.If you need assistance, you can rest your knee on the blanket.You can ask a friend to hold the blanket for you. Step 16: The pocket should be folded over the rest of the blanket. To tuck the pocket around the rest of the blanket, you need to peel back one corner of your pocket layer.The blanket will slip inside the pocket with a little force.As you do this, be careful so your blanket doesn't fall.Your blanket is secure.Either pack it for your next trip or store it away.