A man with an Afro

It's easy to care for your afro if you use the right products.Before you style your hair, make sure it is straight.Leave-in conditioner and natural oils can be applied to your hair to keep it hydrated.Take small sections of your hair and braid them.Pick up a comb and comb through your hair from the root to the tip.A beautifully round shape can be created if you Pat down your afro.Your afro will look great with some practice and patience.

Step 1: It is a good idea to tangle your hair when it's wet.

If your afro is dry, it can be damaging to it and cause it to break.After you shower or spray water over your head, comb your hair to protect it.

Step 2: Leave-in conditioner can be applied to your hair

It's important to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized when you're detangling it.Leave-in conditioner can be applied to all of your hair.The conditioner helps your comb glide through your hair.If you don't have a leave-in conditioner, wet your hair and apply a regular conditioner.With the conditioner in, use a wide-toothed comb through your hair.Next, rinse out the conditioner.

Step 3: It's important to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Before you comb your hair, you can apply a natural oil like coconut, olive, almond, or jojoba.The oil saturates the hair follicle.Rub a quarter-sized amount of oil in your hands and run it through your hair.All of your hair is thoroughly saturated if you use more oil.It is possible to experiment with the type of oil you use.You can combine oils to make a hair repairing cocktail.

Step 4: It is easier if you divide your hair into sections.

When you comb your hair 1 section at a time, it makes the task seem less overwhelming.To do this, you have to separate your top hair from the back.Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can separate these sections into smaller, manageable chunks.Attach each section with hair clips.Plastic hair and duck bill clips can be used.

Step 5: Get rid of tangles by combing through your hair.

Before you use a comb, separate each strand with your fingers.This will help you avoid major damage to your ends.It's easier to use a pick when you comb your hair with your fingers.

Step 6: To separate each strand, use a wide-toothed pick or comb.

Run a comb through your hair after you have combed it.Start with your first section of hair.Wide-toothed combs or picks work best with afros because they brush through your hair with the least damage possible.Stray hairs can be removed using combs.If the afro has already been untangled with a comb, you can use a denman brush to separate the strands.

Step 7: After you finish combing it, twist or braid each section.

Hold the end of your hair and twist it in a clockwise motion to keep it tangle-free.Attach the end with a clip or elastic band.You can keep your hair out of the way as you untangle the rest if you do this after you finish untangling each section of hair.You can braid your hair.Hold the left side of your hair and the right side with your right hand as you divide it into 3 sections.To make your braid, cross the left and right sections over the middle section.Go over the left side of the middle section.Continue until you reach the end of your hair, then secure your braid.You can try a 2 strand twist.Cross the right section over the left section to get to the end.It may not be necessary to hold the twist together if you want to add a hair clip.

Step 8: Each section of your hair should be repeated.

Once you have untangled 1 section of hair, unclip another section.If you take your time as you comb your hair, you will be able to protect it.If you want, you can either create a hair style like braids or curls or an afro.

Step 9: If you are styling a small afro, remove all of your hair.

You can pick it all out when styling short afros.To create your basic shape, unclip or untie your hair and run your fingers through it.

Step 10: If you have long hair, cut it in sections.

It may be easier to pick out your hair in smaller sections if you have long hair.Pick one section at a time and leave your hair in a twist or braid.Keep your shape consistent by starting in the back and working your way towards the front.

Step 11: You can apply shea butter to your hair.

Before you pick out your hair, you may want to apply another conditioning product.This protects the hair as you style it.Put a quarter-sized amount of shea butter between your palms.Run your hands on either side of your hair to coat it.You can run your fingers through your hair to get between sections.

Step 12: Pull your hair at the roots with your pick.

Lift the hair starting at the root is what you want to do when picking your hair.This will make the hair longer.As close to your roots as possible, insert the pick.

Step 13: When you get to the ends, remove your pick.

It's important to not damage the ends of your hair.Move the pick out of your hair when you reach the end, rather than pulling it all the way through.You can get the best shape by having ample definition and volume.

Step 14: Pick the top, back, and both sides of the head.

Start at the top of your head and work your way down.It is helpful to work your way from back to front if you are picking your hair in sections.The shape of your afro can be created by repeating the same movements across your hair.

Step 15: Put your hands on the ends of your hair.

After picking through your hair, pat the outside of it to create a shape and hide stray hair.Move your hands back and forth to shape your hair.From either side, you can start at the top and work your way around.Don't forget to pat the back.If you want to create a perfect shaped fro, Pat down the same area multiple times.

Step 16: Look for areas that are different than the rest.

Make sure your afro is perfect by looking in the mirror.If there are any spots that aren't with the rest, run your pick through your hair and pat it down.Continue until you are happy with the look of your hair.

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