Act like Sheldon Cooper.

Have you ever wanted to be like your favourite character?The only thing you need is a straight face. Step 1: There are some comic books. You should try to get as many comic books as you can.Superman is a good example of a classic.Try to get the costumes as well.If you want to get first edition comics, keep them in mint condition.Be sure to talk about them. Step 2: Understand all sciences, especially physics. If you want to defend your own theories, you should study up on String Theory and other physics theories.You can stack your shelves with scientific books.Every now and then, watch a documentary on a science topic. Step 3: Be a fan of video games. A group of nerd friends can be formed.There is a Wii bowling league and a band on Rock Band.If you want to have nights for each activity, try to get in a routine.On Thursday night and Friday night, there are Wii Tennis Night.Get as many game consoles as you can. Step 4: As long as he knows a few, you can learn several languages. You can learn sci-fi languages. Step 5: Get more interested in watching Star Trek, Star Wars, and other Nerdy shows. Step 6: Take everything seriously. Act like you don't understand sarcasm.Don't use sarcasm either.When you have a joke, say 'Bazinga'.Don't play a lot of practical jokes. Step 7: You can never change your daily routine if you get so attached to it. Make a spreadsheet to show your routine to other people.It should be put up where people will see it. Step 8: You can organize everything on your own. You can do this by size or colour.It's important that you and other people put everything in the same place.The cereals should be stacked according to the fiber content. Step 9: Don't use public transport. Diseases are carried by trains and airplanes.He is obsessed with trains.If you can't find a train, have someone drive you. Step 10: If you order from anywhere, try to eat the same foods. Sheldon thrives on repetition.He has nights in Thailand, China, and so on.You can eat takeout with your friends. Step 11: You should always sit in your favorite seat. You can't possibly sit anywhere else if you make up reasons why that seat is perfect.When forced to sit anywhere else, act very uncomfortable.Don't take any chances you get.Don't shake hands with other people. Step 12: Don't be a germaphobe. It's a good idea to wash your hands frequently.When someone is spreading their germs to you, always carry a hand sanitizer with you. Step 13: You can make science jokes. The man likes jokes about nerds.There are some funny science jokes. Step 14: Look for key day-to-day events on the internet. Prepare an explanation for them.The chance to throw a fun fact out of his head is something he never misses. Step 15: Be superior to everyone else. You need to get the best grades in school. Step 16: If you want to avoid physical contact, never hug anyone. It's a good idea to be awkward in social situations.Unless you have to, never go to parties. Step 17: Assume you have a roommate. Look for one if you don't. Step 18: If you are in a relationship, make an agreement. You don't want to annoy your partner until they are no longer with you.Theory should choose a partner who likes the show too. Step 19: When visiting someone, knock three times. Before they answer the door, say the person's name over and over. Step 20: You can invite your friends to play board games. Takeout food needs to be precise.