AP Computer Science Principles: Explore the Impact of Computing Innovations for Lafayette College.

Students must acknowledge the source or author of any and all information or evidence taken from the work of someone else.Any images, video, or music that might be incorporated into a computational artifact, and the use of program code written by another person are included.A student who fails to acknowledge the source or author of any and all information or evidence taken from the work of someone else will receive a score of 0 on that particular component of the performance assessment.

An illustration, representation, or explanation of the computing innovation's intended purpose is required of your computational artifact.The information supplied in the written responses should not be repeated by the computational artifact.

You can submit a video, audio, or PDF file.One original computational artifact can be created by using computing tools and techniques.There are acceptable file types for multimedia.PDF's must not be more than three pages.Video and audio files cannot exceed 1 minute in length and 30MB in size.

You can respond directly to each of the prompts by submitting one PDF file.In order, label your responses 2a–2e.Evidence of the extensive knowledge you have developed about your chosen computing innovation is required of your responses.Write your responses in a way that is understandable to someone who isn't familiar with computing innovation.Your written responses should include citations.Your response must not be more than 700 words.The final word count does not include references required in 2e.

Virtual reality is the computing innovation that is represented by my artifact.Virtual reality uses technology to create a reality outside of the real world by fooling your brain into thinking you are in a different place.The basic functions that allow vr to work are what the artifact is attached to.This information can be streamed back and forth with the help of the headset.This is a growing industry for young people and seesm to be on the move to grow even more.

2b.Use the computing tools and techniques you used to create your artifact to describe your development process.A person unfamiliar with those tools and techniques will not understand your process if your description is not detailed.

I used a website to create my artifact.I split the area into two blocks, one containing the graphics on how vr works and the other on the statistics associated with it.I chose pictures off of the internet that fit the background with a vr headset and computer tower so that I could see how the system works and show that it is a cycle.To show the cycle that the data takes, I added all of my text and arrows to the graphics area.I found some graphs that showed huge popularity and projected popularity, and added those in with an explanation to show how big vr is.

2c.Explain at least one beneficial effect and one harmful effect the computing innovation has had on society, economy, or culture.

The ability to run simulations using this system is beneficial to society.It is better to use a created environment where no one will get hurt but still allow for people in training to learn valuable skills in dangerous situations.It can change the entertainment industry with the ability to go on film sets or into a video game, or even see a fashion show without being there.This will make you feel like you are in it and will give you new experiences you have never been able to get before.There are harms as well.Many people forget about their real life when using this technology because they only focus on the virtual one.This can lead many to be less social and less focused on what they should be doing.This is why society as a whole still needs to think about the subject of vr as it has huge social consequences that could affect many later on down the road.

The kind of data that vr would work with are visual representation with RGB values, user input such as direction of view or 3d location of headset, and sound files that go with it all.The headpiece tracks the user's position and sends it to the computer in the form of coordinates.The user's virtual reality is being tracked by the cpu as it takes that data.It decides how the screen should change to keep up this new environment as it is tracking the movement of the user and sends it to them so that they receive believable imagery and sound.The new world will fall apart if there is a lack of bandwidth between the headset and the computer.The data stream must be seamless between the headset and the computer for the user to have a great time.You need to be able to transfer huge amounts of data in as little time as possible because of this.The issue of how much ram a system needs is created by this.The first thing that comes to mind is (1)

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