Are civilians allowed on NAS Jax?

Are civilians allowed on NAS Jax?

Naval Air Station Jacksonville Post Office The post office offers a full range of postal services, both civilian and military. The station post office is open from 0900 to 1600 Monday through Friday and is closed from 1300 to 1400 each day for lunch.

Who can get on NAS Jax?

1, 2020, veterans with a Purple Heart, former POW or a VA-documented service-connected disability with ratings of 0-90 percent who possesses a Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC) from the VA can sign up for access to Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax).

Can you visit NAS Jax?

The pre-arranged visits need to be made atleast one week in advance by emailing The below form is required and can be emailed or faxed in. For questions, call 904-542-2415. The tours are contingent of scheduling and other information.

Can you visit Mayport Naval Station?

At this time, Naval Station Mayport is not open to the general public. Occasionally, there are special events to which the public is invited. These events are announced through the local media and the naval station's newspaper, The Mirror.

How many naval bases are there in Jacksonville Florida?

NAS Jacksonville is one of the two advanced naval bases placed in Duval County. Although it is seen like a military base, it is actually a military airport. It is only 6 km away from the Jacksonville business district.

Does Jacksonville have a base?

Welcome to Naval Air Station Jacksonville We are the largest Navy base in the Southeast Region and third in the nation. As a master air and industrial base, Naval Air Station Jacksonville supports U.S. and allied forces specializing in anti-submarine warfare and training of the best aviators in the world.

What military bases are in Jacksonville FL?

- Naval Air Station Jacksonville ID/CAC Card Processing. (904) 542-1837. - Naval Air Station Jacksonville Contact Info. (904) 542-2338 (Quarterdeck) - Naval Station Mayport Installation Address & Phone Number. (904) 270-5226. - Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Quarterdeck. (912) 573-2020.

Where are p8 squadrons located?

Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida

How many HSM squadrons are there?

All four squadrons based at NAS Jacksonville fly and maintain MH-60R helicopters in support of critical U.S. Navy missions around the world.

What is a helicopter maritime strike squadron?

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 41 (HSM 41) is the Navy's Fleet Replacement Squadron dedicated to training new MH-60R pilots and aircrew. Since 1983, HSM 41 has trained over 3,000 Fleet Replacement Pilots and Aircrew for service in LAMPS MK III and MH-60R fleet squadrons.

What Fleet is Jacksonville?

Naval Air Station Jacksonville ------------------------------ Owner Operator Controlled by Condition

Does Jacksonville FL have a military base?

Jacksonville is home to multiple military facilities, and with Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay nearby gives Jacksonville the third largest military presence in the country. Tourism is important to the Jacksonville area, particularly tourism related to golf.

What base is Jacksonville Florida?

Naval Air Station Jacksonville ---------------------------------------------- Jacksonville, Florida in the United States An aerial view of NAS Jacksonville during 2018 NAS Jacksonville Location in the United States Coordinates

How big is Jacksonville Naval Base?

approximately 3,400 acres