Are Deejo knives made in China?

Are Deejo knives made in China?

Deejo is a French company located in the Paris region. Our knives begin in our production units in Asia and finish in our ateliers in France where we ensure the operation of assembly, adjustment, polishing, sharpening and customization.

Who owns Deejo?

Deejo is one of three cutlery and outdoor brands owned by Coriolis, a company developed in 1995 by Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau.4 Aug 2021

Where are Deejo knives made?


What is a Deejo knife used for?

Equipped with satin-finished drop-point blades, the Deejo folding pocket knives are ready to undertake a range of sparring, piercing, cutting, and slicing tasks. Most of these knives have a frame lock locking mechanism and pocket clip for hassle-free use.

Do Deejo knives fold?

In addition to folding, Deejo knives have a safety lock that assures they won't spring upon unannounced. The brand also carries steak knives that do not fold, if you're looking for a quality cutter to add to your dinnerware collection.4 Aug 2021

What are Deejo knives made of?

stainless steel

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