Are taxis expensive in Bergen?

Are taxis expensive in Bergen?

A taxi trip from Bergen Airport to the City Center of Bergen costs around NOK 400-500. You may also be charged extra if you carry many pieces of luggage. Please be aware that night services are normally more expensive. Night fare is applied until 06:00 am.

How much is the Bergen card?

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff ---------------------- ------------------ Adults (from 16 years) NOK300.00 24 hours Children 3-15 years NOK100.00 24 hours

Is Bergen Airport Zone A?

Skyss map for Bergen: Bergen and the region are devided into different zones. All of Bergen city center and the whole of Bergen municipality is zone A.

How many terminals does Bergen Airport have?

three terminals

What is main airport in Bergen Norway?

Bergen Airport, Flesland

How many airports does Norway have?

There are more than 50 airports in Norway, making even the northernmost communities accessible by plane. The three largest domestic airlines are SAS, Norwegian, and Widerøe. Flying over Lofoten. All the large cities and towns in Norway have airports catering for both international and domestic flights.

What state is Bergen Norway in?

Bergen kommune -------------- Region County District Municipality

What airport do you fly into in Norway?

Oslo Airport

How many international airports are in Norway?

98 airports

Where are the main airports in Norway?


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