Are whiteboard sheets magnetic?

Are whiteboard sheets magnetic?

Magnetic dry erase sheets & rolls are the perfect alternative to traditional magnetic dry erase boards. The front side of the product is a dry erase finish that comes in a variety of colors and the back is magnet.

What is a non magnetic whiteboard?

Whiteboards are manufactured with a variety of materials used for the dry erase surface. The resulting products are melamine, porcelain, glass, or a proprietary surface such as the EVERWhite surface. ... Boards with a melamine, or painted surface are only available non-magnetic.

What is the difference between magnetic whiteboard and non magnetic whiteboard?

Magnetic whiteboard Non-Magnetic Whiteboard Glass whiteboards Mag/Non-Mag ------------------- ------------------------ ----------------------------- Magnetic receptive Not receptive to magnets Magnetic or Non Magnetic Heavy use Moderate use Long lasting use

What is a magnetic whiteboard?

Magnetic whiteboards are commonly installed in the front of K-8 school classrooms. Such boards let teachers do more than write with dry erase markers. With non-scratching magnets or clips, charts and documents can be posted on the whiteboard surface, and magnetic symbols can be used.

Are acrylic dry erase boards magnetic?

Dry erase boards consist of a simple magnetic or non-magnetic board frame that works non-stop without needing a water-clean or more rigorous cleanup. ...

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