has compiled a list of the most innovative utes for the year.

Every year, the ATV and UTV manufacturers come out with new models and features that make us want to try them out.The basics are usually the same, but there are some surprises each year.You can bet that whatever the manufacturers release one year, they will come up with something that will blow our collective minds.There have been some truly amazing machines that have caught the attention of the enthusiast market.The most innovative machines of the year.

The Yamaha Wolverine X4 is an engineering marvel if you take a serious look at it.It is a sub 60-inch machine that is quieter than anything we have driven before.The machine is targeting the adventurous amongst us.Yamaha launched a new platform in order to encourage people to realize their adventures.This machine is perfect for that.The review of the X4 can be found here.

The new Polaris Ranger 150 makes it easy for a youth model to be on a list of most innovative machines.Why?Simple.The machine is powered by a 150cc engine and has seating for two.You can control the machine as a parent.The speed limits can be set.One of the cool things going for a parent is thegeofencing feature.From there, you can set the speed limits for inside and outside the boundary.Polaris is trying to get kids riding, but doing so safely.

Can-Am entered the market a long time after the competition had a 50-inch side-by-side.Can-Am was very careful about how it wanted the machine to work.The Maverick Trail is the best 50-inch UTV yet in terms of performance and overall handling.The Maverick trail was engineered from the ground up as a specialized machine rather than taking an existing frame and adapting it for trail use.The Trail is an outstanding machine for any trail, not just the narrow ones it was designed for.Don't be surprised if you see more and more on the trails this year as it is gaining notoriety for the quality of the ride.You can read our review of the trail here.