Baking Ingredient Conversions - 1 Cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup to...How Many Tablespoons in a Cup?

There are whole numbers, decimals or fractions.

All purpose flour can be found in 1 US cup unit.Chefs and bakers can use the all purpose flour for home use.

If you want to convert all purpose flour into US cups, you should use the measuring units between the US cup and the amount of flour in the cup.

For experienced certified professionals in food businesses and skilled chefs in state of the industry's kitchens model, this online all purpose flour (APF) from us cup into tbsp conversion is a handy tool.

With the above mentioned units converting service it provides, this all purpose flour (APF) conversion also proved to be useful as a teaching tool.

The unit symbols used by international culinary educational institutions and training for these two all purpose flour measures are:

Abbr. is a prefix or abbreviation.The unit symbol for the US cup is short brevis.There is a unit symbol for the amount.

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