become a Mangaka

"Mangaka" is a term used for someone who is the creator of a Japanese style comic.The creators of the story line for the comics draw the characters and scenes.You need experience as an artist if you want to be a Mangaka.Mangakas start out by creating their own comics and then presenting them to publishers.

Step 1: Appropriate high school courses are taken.

Art classes are a great way to build your artistic skills while you're still in high school.If you want to build your skill set to draw Manga art, drawing and painting would be helpful, as would a general art class.Literature and writing courses can be taken.As a Mangaka, you'll be creating a story line as well, so make sure to focus on how to develop the story.

Step 2: Seek people with similar interests.

It is possible to encourage you in your goals by working with other people.New skills can be learned from other people in the group.It is possible to find a group interested in Manga at your school.You can join an art club to improve your skills.If you can't join, create one.There will be others who have the same interests.Look for classes at your library or park and recreation department.

Step 3: An art degree is a good choice.

Formal education can give you the professional skills you need, even if you don't have a degree.A bachelor's degree in fine arts will help you develop your artistic skills.You can go much more specific.If you're willing to travel to Japan, you can get a degree in comic art from a number of universities in the United States.Double majoring or minoring in literature or writing is possible.It is helpful to develop your writing skills.

Step 4: Do you know how to draw a drawing?

Practice on your own increases your skill set.Drawing will make you better over time.You can start by imitating characters you like, but you can also create your own.Comic artists recommend practicing every day.You should set aside at least an hour a day to work on your artwork.

Step 5: There are free resources that you can use.

You do not need formal education to learn from professionals.You can find a lot of resources for free.You can find online courses for free on a number of sites, all of which you can use to improve your drawing skills.You can find resources at the library.You can use the resources to develop your skills.Don't get books on drawing.There are books on writing comic books.Most libraries will order books from other libraries if your library doesn't have what you want.If you want to become a Mangaka, you have some familiarity with the genre.Make sure you read widely in the genre to see what is published.Don't read the same books over and over.Just to see what else Manga has to offer, branch out into ones you normally wouldn't be drawn to.You can work towards your own style by exposing yourself to different styles.

Step 6: Brainstorm ideas for a plot.

You still need a plot to drive the story even though the comics are visual-based.Think about the stories you like to read and how you can make your own contribution.Manga has a lot of different stories, from horror to love stories.It's important to be thinking about your story all the time.If you limit your creativity to when you sit down to write the story, you're not giving yourself enough time to build a good story.Start with one idea on a piece of paper.You can connect dots to other ideas you come up with.Free writing is another way to get your creativity going.Start with a word or image and write until you find something you like.You should start developing that idea once you have it.Pick an idea that you enjoy.It will take a lot of hard work to work on your own Manga.You will have a hard time motivating yourself to work on an idea if you don't pick it.

Step 7: It's a good idea to plot out a story.

When you have an idea for a story, you need to work beyond that because Manga comics need more planning than a normal novel.An outline is needed for your story to move from beginning to end.Determine the main plot points.What is the driving force of your story?What are the major events?It's important to include setting as well.The background you choose for your setting will affect your story.In terms of story, an urban setting is very different from a rural setting.Going scene-by-scene will give you an idea of what the main scenes will look like.

Step 8: You should make your own characters.

You need to think about their place in the story and their physical appearance when creating your characters.Character sheets that outline both types of traits are needed to keep them consistent.You can draw the character in a model or sheet of paper.You have to figure out clothing, hair, and proportion so that you can recreate the character in the same way throughout your Manga.You can use clay to create a 3D model.Write down personality quirks, personal beliefs, religion, favorite foods and color, and so on, for the character.Don't forget about personality flaws.No one is perfect and no character should be either.Think about motivation.If you want to create sheets for all of your characters, make sure your main characters are the most interesting.

Step 9: You should develop a style.

Developing a style comes from drawing for a while and using your creativity to figure out what you like.It is important to pick something that is doable.You don't want to start with a style that is hard to maintain over time.It's easy to draw one that you enjoy.It's simple enough that you can draw it through a whole story or a series of stories.You can explore different styles.You can see what others do and what you don't.It will help you figure out what you like.Don't copy any one style completely.You want yours to be unique.

Step 10: You should create your Manga.

Working scene by scene.Remember, you're just creating a bare-bones sketch to see where things will go, so begin by sketching out the scenes.If you want to make changes, use pencil to draw out the scenes.You can fill in with ink and color.Due to cost restrictions, many Mangas are not colored, so you can work in black and white.Many publishers prefer black and white.Many Manga artists work in digital formats nowadays, so how you create your Manga is up to you.You can use a drawing app to work digitally.It will be easier to work with these tools because they are designed for comics.It's important to make your text legible.People won't read your comic if it's hard to read.

Step 11: You need to get your work ready for the publisher.

Pick a work that fits your style and theme when looking at publishers.Make sure you follow their guidelines, including maturity level.For instance, most will want a certain movie.Most publishers want a copy of the original.You can use a laser printer to make a copy.You should pay attention to the size of the company you are sending it to.The basics of drawing down will be expected of you by most companies.You might want to wait awhile if you aren't there yet.

Step 12: Send it to the publisher.

You can find a publisher or magazine by looking at the back of your favorite comic books.You can schedule an appointment with the publisher to see your work.It's a common practice, and many Mangakas began this way.You can check them out online.It's important that you have your work ready to show.Many publishers will give you advice on how to do better if it isn't published.You will be hired to work for others.Many publishers take submissions by mail if you can't visit in person.

Step 13: You can enter contests.

Mangakas are people who submit their work through contests.There are a few contests that accept submissions in other languages.Mangakas can be hired from these contests.If you want to learn more about Morning Manga and Comic Zenon, you can visit their websites.

Step 14: Consider publishing yourself.

In a digital world where you can do so much on your own computer, self-publishing is becoming more popular in all writing and comic book genres.Sometimes, you can be recruited to be a Mangaka from your online work.If you want to self-publish, you can either do it on a website or on the internet.Ebooks Direct or Amazon can be used to self-publish.Any number of websites can be used to publish free blogs.You will need to market yourself on social media by posting about your work and encouraging others to read and follow you.

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