Become a Muslim girl.

At times, Islam's rules don't align with modern-day Western culture.It's possible to be a dutiful Muslimah no matter where you are.If you feel like you have been neglecting your religious duties, it is never too late to change.By the time a girl is mature, she should have a good understanding of her religion.This article can help her find out what changes are required in order to become a better Muslimah.

Step 1: All will be okay if you place your faith in Allah.

Allah is willing to forgive all sins.If you feel that you are too deep in sin to become a good Muslim, do not despair, Allah will help.

Step 2: You can identify the influences that cause you to stray from your religion.

You may be able to trace them to either family situations or friends that are leading you in the wrong direction.Leave behind your friends.When you face Allah on your own and your fate in the next life is decided, they won't be there to help.Next steps will come in handy if it is because of family.

Step 3: Ask Allah for forgiveness for the sins you have committed.

To Allah, you need to acknowledge your mistakes, promise not to repeat them and focus on the future.Whatever happened is done.There is nothing you can do to change it.You can only ask for forgiveness and be contrite if you sincerely repent to Allah.Negative experiences can be used as motivation to become better.

Step 4: Understand your weaknesses and avoid them.

If you want to interact with unrelated men in a way that is formal and business-like, you should not run every time a guy comes near.Muslim women in the past interacted with men in their society as business women, teachers, and scholars and they were all well respected and admired; they did not have to flaunt their beauty to gain this respect or to feel confident or even to contribute to their societies.Allah (SWT) is the most severe in punishment for those that disobey Him, but also the lightest in forgiveness and mercy for the ones that are trying to improve themselves.

Step 5: Look at the hijab.

Follow the Islamic tradition of hijab if you want to become the best Muslim girl that you can be.The hijab is more than just a piece of cloth that covers hair, it protects your whole self, including your mannerisms, speech, and gaze.Identifying yourself as a Muslimah changes you in many ways.It's a way for Allah to protect the women.Your perspective on self-respect and values will change as soon as you wear the hijab.Quran 33:59-60 says that veiling will help women be recognized as Muslims, and Quran 24:30-31 explains that women should pull their headcovers over their chests or breasts.According to a hadith narrated by the Prophet's wife, Allah will not accept prayer from a woman who has reached puberty unless she wears a hijab.

Step 6: Modesty is what you should dress modestly.

You have to cover your whole body with loose clothes.Hijab isn't supposed to be eye-catching.It is a command from Allah.Don't wear tight clothing, dress in looser clothing.You can change your whole outlook on what is acceptable and not with this change.It is mandatory to cover the whole body except the face, hands, and sometimes the feet, although some scholars believe it's necessary to do so as well.No harm can come from covering your face with a niqaab and gloves if you want to seek additional rewards.There isn't a right way to cover.Some Muslims think you can leave your face visible, while others think it's necessary to wear a niqab.Some people think the feet can be left uncovered.If you have questions or are uncertain, talk to other Muslimahs about it.You can dress nicely if you wear a hijab.Look into different styles of hijab and wear clothing in sober or pastel colors that you like.In Western countries where solid-color outfits can sometimes cause you to stand out, some Muslimahs feel it's acceptable to wear clothes or hijabs with subtle patterns on them.

Step 7: All five daily prayers can be practiced.

Muslims that have reached puberty are required to pray five times a day.Before you get on the prayer rug, learn what prayer means to you.Take some time to read and understand the prayer words if you don't speak Arabic.Our spiritual food is prayer if we make the five prayers the focal points of every day.You can add additional prayers to your worship schedule when you have established the 5 obligatory prayers.Try to incorporate some of the optional prayers used by Prophet Muhammad into your routine.You can earn rewards for performing these prayers, but you won't be punished for missing them.

Step 8: If you want to read the Quran, you must read it.

If you want to understand the Quran's meaning, you have to read it in your native language.You will be able to establish a relationship with Allah and discover the beauty of the religion if you read the Quran.You feel closer to Allah when you listen to it.Try to memorize some of your favorite words and use them in your prayers and daily reflections.You can incorporate lessons from the Quran into your daily life.

Step 9: There is more to learn about Islam.

It's a good idea to know which acts are compulsory, such as prayer and seeking Islamic knowledge.Eating certain foods, sexual activity outside of marriage, dressing immodestly, and so on are consideredharaam.The reasoning behind it.If Islamic laws are broken, the internet is a good place to look for information on the consequences.It's important to only use authentic sources of information.Islam's divine legal system is a gift from Allah to protect society and guide the believers to follow His way.If you don't complete a fardh act, you are guilty of violating Islamic law.

Step 10: It's important to be aware of Allah throughout the day.

One of the best ways to improve your relationship with Allah is to praise him.It has been stressed over a hundred times in the Qur'an."O believers, make abundant mention of Allah!" Allah says in his Holy book.The Prophet said that the angels would greet you in the middle of the road if your hearts were always in a state of being.As well as performing dhikr after prayer and before sleeping, take the time to praise and glorify Allah when going about daily activities like household chores, cooking, traveling etc.Think about the meaning of the words that pass across your tongue.One way to avoid repetition is to use different times of day for adhkaar.The key to success in this life and the next is increased awareness of Allah.

Step 11: It's a good idea to allocate a minimum amount of time to Islamic activities each day.

Four hours a day dedicated to worship (salah, dua, Qur'an, studies) and two hours for lisani dhikr may help you to build up your relationship with Allah.Keep in mind that the five daily fardh salah will be the first thing to be scrutinized on the Day of Judgement, so make sure you keep to the prescribed time and HairMax HairMax.Allow time after the fardh salah to think about your sins and pray for forgiveness.Islam requires religious study in order to understand how Allah wants to be worshiped.Attend evening or weekend Qur'an classes with other sisters.The only use for study is if the knowledge is implemented in our lives and we are rewarded according to actions, not knowledge.If you want to improve, set yourself self-improvement targets such as fasting regularly, reading voluntary prayers, or completing charity work.You can strive to do more each day if you remember that Allah likes consistency in worship.Don't burden yourself with more than you can manage, but be active in your worship.

Step 12: Have a good time with your Muslim friends.

If you want to be a good Muslim and influence others to do better, you should make friends who accept your religion.Make friends with other Muslimahs who encourage you to learn and practice Islam.Many Muslims believe it's not acceptable for men and women to be alone together, so Muslim women are encouraged to avoid befriending men.Some people don't follow this practice.If you want to avoid befriending boys, learn how to politely reject any approach that approaches you.If you want to study and worship, avoid friends that hurt your feelings or bring bad influences.There is no clear-cut ruling on befriending non-Muslims.Some Muslims think it's important to be tolerant, while others think you should avoid it because you could be distracted from Islam and stop believing.You can either show respect to those who haven't fought you due to religion or you can show Islam in a good light.If you are tolerant and polite, Islam will be looked upon more favorably by non-Muslims.

Step 13: Look for other female role-models.

There are many excellent female lecturers who are passionate about Islam.It's your job to tell other women about how Islam can help them bring meaning and self-discipline to their lives.Many female scholars hold weekly on-line classes that allow them to ask questions about all aspects of Islam.It is possible to meet and learn from local female scholars if you live in a strong Muslim neighborhood.

Step 14: Plan to marry a person who cares for you and respects you.

Sunnah in Islam says that marriage is half of one's faith.Look for a spouse who will help you develop your religion and treat you fairly.Islam permits a husband to take up to four wives if he is capable of supporting and treating them equally.Polygamy is not required.Some sisters can't get married as soon as they want.If you are single and feel tempted, fast and ask Allah for strength and patience.Don't rush into a marriage for Allah, yourself, or anyone else.You may become trapped in an abusive relationship if you get married too quickly because you don't know if your spouse shares your values.It will happen if Allah wills it.

Step 15: Attend the Muslim groups.

Qur'an classes are a great way to learn more about Islam and develop a bond with other like-minded girls.Most Muslim groups are provided at the mosque.Make Islamic classes part of your weekly routine.Set aside time during the week for revision, homework and practicing what you have learned if you follow a structured course that covers all of the Islamic sciences.If you memorize as much of the Qur'an as you can, you will get great rewards.At any time throughout the day, read what you have learned from your prayers.

Step 16: You should take it day by day.

You will achieve this goal without even realizing it if you make it a priority in your mind that you want to be the best Muslim girl possible.When you are about to do something, think about if it will please Allah.Don't do it if it's not true.Just remind yourself and be prepared to stop.In order to get a place in Jannah, every single moment of every day must be devoted to pleasing Allah.Shaytaan is trying to separate you from Allah.The weight of good and bad actions will be compared on the Day of Judgement to determine whether a person is destined for Heaven or Hell.Obeying and submission to Allah is the focus of your life.

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