Can I buy the phone number 867-5309?

Can I buy the phone number 867-5309?

(CNN) -- Jenny's phone number is for sale, but not for a song. "867-5309/Jenny" originally appeared on Tommy Tutone's "Tommy Tutone 2" album.Feb 2, 2009

How much is the phone number 867-5309?

"867-5309/Jenny" originally appeared on Tommy Tutone's "Tommy Tutone 2" album. Spencer Potter, who got the number for free five years ago, said he was "definitely a little shocked" that eBay bids topped $365,000 by Tuesday morning for the number made famous Tommy Tutone's "867-5309/Jenny" hit.Feb 3, 2009

Does 867-5309 mean anything?

The song is about a girl named Jenny whose number had been written on a wall. Conflicting stories exist as to the origin of the song's hook, the telephone number 867-5309. Tommy Heath, the lead singer, once claimed that he got the number from a girl who wanted him to give it to his lead guitar player.Mar 1, 2018

Where is the phone number 867 from?

Area code 867 is the area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the three Canadian territories, all of which are in Northern Canada. Area code 867 was created on from area codes 403 and 819.

Was 867-5309 a real phone number?

Of course, Potter's 867-5309 is not the only 867-5309 in existence. There are several 867-5309s across the United States (and the world) his is simply the one with a popular New Jersey area code.Feb 4, 2009

Where did the number 867-5309 originate?

"867-5309/Jenny" originally appeared on Tommy Tutone's "Tommy Tutone 2" album. Bids for a New Jersey version of the number, stuck in the minds of millions since Tommy Tutone's "867-5309/Jenny" hit the Top 10 in 1982, had reached $5,100 on eBay as of Monday morning.Feb 2, 2009

What area code is 867-5309?

10-Digit Dialing Begins: Add Area Code to 867-5309 for Jenny NBC Connecticut.

Is 867-5309 a valid phone number?

"Jenny" was Alex' ex-girlfriend, and "867-5309" was her real phone number. Tommy Tutone later appeared as a contestant on the reality show Survivor. 8675309 is a prime number, meaning it can't be divided by any other number.