Can I learn Spring boot directly?

Can I learn Spring boot directly?

You can start learning spring boot of your own without having prior knowledge of spring. But yes, if you have knowledge of spring then you'll get to know that how spring boot makes your life easier.

Is spring boot hard to learn?

It is not that hard to learn Spring Framework. It happens with all the new topic/subject, you take some time to understand its basics and concepts. IMHO, you face difficulties in acquiring the new concepts based on the complexity of the subject.

How many days it will take to learn Spring boot?

To learn Spring Framework Basics like Dependency Injection, Bean Life Cycle, Autowiring, MVC, AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming), it should take around 50+ Hrs, assuming spending about 2 to 3 hrs, in about 30 days(approximately) & it also depends on your prior expertise/experience, you will get some confidence.

Can we directly learn spring boot?

Spring Boot is just a way of rapidly starting new applications using the Spring Framework. You can't use Spring Boot without Spring at all. However, you can choose your path of learning. It is indeed possible, and I also recommend that you start with Spring Boot and then gradually learn the essentials of Spring.15 Jan 2020

Can we learn spring boot without knowing Java?

No, learning Spring without Java does not add any value, moreover it will be difficult for you to understand any Spring Framework concept without Java. Spring Framework is Java based Framework.

Is spring boot good for beginners?

In fact, I suggest all first-timers start with Spring Boot, it's better to start with the latest and popular technology than traditional ones, btw, if you still want to start with Spring first, then you should first check out the Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru before going through any of these Spring Boot courses 25 Oct 2019