Can you install a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

Can you install a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

Can you put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets? Yes, you definitely can! Something you should keep in mind, though, is you'll have to cut out the front of the cabinet and remove the counter top prior to farm sink installation.Mar 9, 2021

Does an apron sink require a special cabinet?

Apron front sinks require a special cabinet to accommodate their depth and protrusion, so they are not the best candidate for retrofitting in an existing kitchen, unless you're willing to replace your sink cabinet as well.

How do you support an apron front sink?

Can you install a farmhouse sink in existing countertop?

Yes, one can be installed in an existing countertop, even granite. Yes, it can be installed in an existing cabinet with a little reinforcement. Yes, there are mounting options for a farmhouse sink, just as there are for regular sinks.

How do you make an apron sink support?

How do you build a base for an apron front sink?

What holds a farmhouse sink in place?

Use wood shims, if needed, to level the sink. Set the sink in place and fill in any gaps below the sink front and between the sink and countertop with silicone sealant. Hold the sink in place to secure.

How do you support a heavy kitchen sink?

What is the difference between a farmhouse sink and an apron sink?

Apron sinks are deep cut, like farmhouse sinks. The only difference is, an apron sink's front is exposed. That's why they're also called "apron front" sinks. Modern kitchens use apron sinks as highlight pieces, and for good reason.May 7, 2021

How do you install an apron front sink in an existing cabinet?

Do all farmhouse sinks have apron front?

In short, apron sinks and farmhouse sinks both describe a large, deep kitchen sink style prevalent in many modern kitchens. The sinks are similar for the most part though they have a few slight differences. A farmhouse sink may be an apron sink, but an apron sink doesn't necessarily have to be a farmhouse sink.

What's the point of an apron sink?

Unlike recessed sinks, the apron sink sports a front that juts out slightly from the supporting cabinetry. Again, this was a practical design that helped prevent cabinet damage. Any water or suds that dripped over the lip would fall to the floor rather than puddle on cabinet countertop wood.

Are farmhouse sinks out of style?

Even so, having said all that, there are plenty of reasons farmhouse sinks will never go out of style. As George pointed out, “they are extremely versatile” and as long as you're careful and “you keep on top of cleaning, your sink will remain in good quality for years to come.”

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