Can you stain a deck with a spray gun?

The decks are made of timber.The patio is tiled or paved.The kitchen was the central hub of the home in the summer.The family gathers here to share food, talk, enjoy the garden, and drink coffee or wine.Guests can enjoy a barbeque at this location.

The deck is busy.It can be a victim of the weather, even if it is sheltered.The neutral brown tones of timber blend well with many different styles.It can look grey and drab when it is weathered.

The first thing to think about when building a deck is what kind of timber.Different timbers will look different when treated.There are hardwoods and manufactured wood.Treatments make this wood stronger and last longer.There are also products that are made of plastic.The pressure treated southern yellow pine is the most common decking wood.Some of the more popular choices are cedar, redwood, and bamboo.If you don't like painting, other materials can be used.

Every year, some people have their decks stained.The deck's position relative to the weather can affect the amount of staining you do.There will be a lot of sunshine and rain.

The deck is built after you made your decision.The existing deck needs attention if you have purchased the property.Do you like the color?Do you want it to be lighter, darker, redder?A good stain can be used to achieve these things.

You have to wash the deck first with brand new decks.This will open up the grain of the wood and make it more absorbent.The old stain on older decks needs to be removed to allow the new stain to penetrate and achieve a consistent color.You can remove old stains with a wood stripper and pressure wash.Sanding the deck will make it look more professional.

The timber isn't colored by this.The grain can show through.It protects the wood from rot.This type of deck stain needs to be applied more often.Applying two coats won't make a difference to the finish of most transparent deck stains.

While allowing the grain to show through, this deck stain gives some color to the finish.If you want to change the color of the wood slightly, you can use this style.Only one coat is needed.

This is not absorbed and is on top of the wood.The stain is more likely to crack and peel off over time than it is to disguise marks, flaws, and flaws in the wood.There are two coats needed for this product.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the product you are using.There are many different products on the market.Selecting a well-known brand will make you more confident that the product will live up to its promises.The darker the stain, the better the UV protection.Some stains are water-soluble and some are oil-based.

The old fashioned method of applying the stain is a brush and roller.You can use a deck stain sprayer.As spills and drips happen, keep pads and rags handy.If you use an oil-based stain, make sure you dispose of it thoughtfully as they can become a fire hazard.The advantage of using a spray unit to stain a deck is that it is quick and allows a more even spread of the deck stain.It is likely that it will take one day to prepare the deck for staining.

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