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Blood is the biological fluid in our body that transports nutrition and oxygen to our cells.

The table has 1 types of exercisions and 1 benefits.

The use of the body as a counterbalance is implied by Calisthenic exercise.The life expectancy can be increased by at least five years with physical activity.Moreover,...

The blood has to be removed from the body.The path of blood goes from the arteries to the arterioles.

The heart uses blood vessels and capillaries to deliver blood from left ventricle to the body with the help of the aorta and atria diastole.

The kidneys have a role to play in the body.The body's fluid balance is controlled by the kidneys.

The author focuses on a disease.He gives an introduction to the structure and function of the heart.It explains briefly.

A high self-esteem helps to reach goals faster and stay on track with diet and workouts more often than people with lower self...

Insufficient energy intake is a problem.Provide basic education and counseling on increasing total intake energy.

Working out can relieve stress and anxiety.The article "Resistance Training Improves Mental Health" was written by...