Chopsticks are used to use.

If you haven't learned how to use chopsticks, eating with them can be intimidating.There isn't need to be intimidated.It is easy to figure out how to use chopsticks with a little practice.To pick up food with chopsticks, make sure you hold the chopsticks correctly.When eating out at a restaurant, you should be aware of basic rules of decorum.You can learn the art of using chopsticks with practice.

Step 1: Break your chopsticks.

Pick up your chopsticks and hold them in your hands.Pull the stick closer to you as you press forward.The middle of your chopsticks should break apart.To avoid hitting dishes on the table, lower the sticks to your knees.

Step 2: To remove splinters, Rub the chopsticks together.

There are splinters near where the chopsticks broke.Rub the chopsticks together a few times to remove splinters if you notice them.When using nicer wooden chopsticks, don't rub them together.

Step 3: There is a wood block at the end of your chopsticks.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not supposed to break off the wood block at the end of your chopsticks.The wood doesn't break easily and can cause your chopsticks to break.Do not touch the wood block at the end of your chopsticks.

Step 4: The first chopstick should be held with your thumb, pointer and middle finger.

Similar to any other type of chopstick, wooden chopsticks are held and used the same way.The first chopstick should be held with the tips of your index and middle finger.To keep the chopstick balanced, use the tip of your thumb.If you do not get it right immediately, don't worry.It takes practice to balance chopsticks.

Step 5: Put the second chopstick between your thumb and palm.

The first one should be placed below the second one.If you want to hold the chopstick in place, place it between your thumb and palm.The chopstick doesn't move when you eat.If it's hard at first, don't sweat it.It takes a little practice.

Step 6: Put your middle and index finger on the top chopstick.

Make sure you can maneuver your chopsticks correctly once you're holding them correctly.Only the top chopstick should move and you should only move it with your index and middle finger.Your thumb should not move.It can be difficult to use chopsticks correctly.Before handling food, give yourself time to practice.To keep your thumb still, be aware of it.You will be able to have better control of the chopsticks.It may take a while to get used to the new texture of ceramic chopsticks.

Step 7: The upper and lower chopsticks are used.

Once you have the basic motions down, using chopsticks is easy.You can separate the chopsticks by moving the upper one with your index and middle finger.Bring your food to your plate or mouth by grabbing it between the upper and lower chopsticks.If it takes time to master, do not get frustrated.If you've used forks and spoons in the past, it can be difficult to use chopsticks.Give yourself time to get used to the movement.

Step 8: Place the chopsticks on the rice.

Rice can be pushed into your mouth with chopsticks.When eating rice, keep the bowl level.Push the rice into your mouth with your chopsticks.When eating in a Korean restaurant, do not do this, it's not appropriate in Korean culture.

Step 9: The chopsticks should not be allowed to cross while grasping food.

The ends of your chopsticks should not cross over one another when picking up food.It will be hard to pick up food.You're gripping your food too tightly if your chopsticks cross at the ends.Let go of the food and try to grab it again.

Step 10: Food can be impaleed with a chopstick.

If you're having trouble grasping food, don't use a chopstick to impale it, instead bring it to your mouth.Food can easily slip off if you use chopsticks like this.Bad manners are also considered.

Step 11: Don't put your chopsticks in rice upright.

Rice is offered to someone's spirit at a shrine after death in some Buddhist cultures.When rice is offered to a spirit, chopsticks are left sitting upright.Placing chopsticks upright in rice could be seen as disrespectful to Buddhist cultures.If you're eating in a restaurant where the culture is not familiar to you, it's always a good idea to use chopsticks.

Step 12: Leave your chopsticks on your plate or bowl.

Chopsticks are used in funeral rituals in Asian cultures.It's a good idea to avoid crossing your chopsticks just in case, as not all Asian cultures practice such rituals.If you don't want your chopsticks to be crossed on the plate, set them side by side near your plate.

Step 13: Don't wash your chopsticks in soup or drinks.

It is unsanitary to wash your chopsticks after using them.If your chopsticks are dirty, wipe them off with a napkin or get a clean pair.

Step 14: It's a good idea to avoid passing food from one utensil to another.

After cremation, the bones of the deceased are passed to the next of kin.It's a faux pas to pass food between chopsticks as this can be a reminder of death and funerals.

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