Cutest cactus names on the plot are funny "Pet" names for cacti.

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I have never named a plant before.If you wanted to know my thoughts on naming plants, I would have told you that I wouldn't take the time to name many, but I could still see myself naming a really well-loved favourite or two.

The internet has won me over.I don't want to admit it, but there are too many quirky-cute, pun-based cactus names out there for me to resist.

It is almost my duty to create a mini cactus collection from my larger collection, with witty names, instead of their actual scientific ones.

Imagine how much fun it would be to watch a houseguest come in for a closer look and discover a pet name like Furry instead of the scientific name of that hairy cactus in the corner.Beside this oddly labelled plant, there are many more quirky names such asNeedles and Spike.You may think it is sad, but this is my idea of a good time.If you love puns as much as I do, it's not so sad.

It is almost necessary to make sure the name of the plant is funny.Give the plant a name if it doesn't bring a smile to your face.

The humour can be subtle, an inside joke only roommates share, even something you would understand or find funny.Is it possible to name a prickly cactus after a high school teacher?Even if it is only entertaining to you.That is all that matters, as long as you are smiling.

There are many ways to go with funny, quirky, or stupid cute as your criteria.So many.Rachel mentioned in the comments section that you can combine ideas in some really clever ways to make up your perfect pet names.

I have delayed enough.I have found a lot of fun names for cacti.I have made up myself, some based on ideas that were floating around, others entirely, because I think these names have become a source of amusement for me.

In case there are themes you want to explore with a collection, I added a few open-ended categories and grouped the cactus names together where they seem to go well in a group.You will read more about this later when we get to those sections.

Let me know your favorites in the comments.If you want to find some really good ones quick, you can jump there to pick out the ones you like the most.

If there is a specific name, category, or type of person that you would like to name a cacti after, please take it.

I swear I get such a kick out of these, I can't help but love stumbling on more, and I know others would appreciate your great ideas just as much as I do!

I think you guys will come up with good ones, I will steal my favorites from the comments section for my own uses.

If you collect other segulls and give them a name, I have a "pet names" list for them.

I like the names of cacti that allude to the spine.If you are looking for names that are easy for everyone to see the humor in, this is the way to go.

If I only had one or two cacti, I would name them from this category.When I finally put a collection together with name tags, I think I would sprinkle one or two in the mix.

Some of my favourite pun cactus names, all which I found scattered across the net, include the following:

If it wasn't for the internet, I would not have thought about the fact that cacti look a lot like cacti.

If you like to have a little double entendre action going on in your puns, these are the perfect cactus names for you.

I couldn't find many recommendations, but I can think up many more than those listed here.Let me know what you think about this type of thing so I can add them to the list.

If you want to further extend your cactus collection into names that are puns and easy to understand, you might consider the pun-on-cactus-spines route.

It was obvious that naming a cactus after that painful feeling you get when you accidentally brush against a cacti, let alone touch one, was the obvious second choice.).

I could use more names in this category, so leave any more you can think of in the comments.

I love the idea of referring to pain with cacti.Are you looking for something that will make you feel like a cute little pet instead of a painful plant?

I think this is one of my favourite ideas because it goes one step further on the pun scale.It's still easy to understand.

It is nice to have a little bit of alliteration in a name.There is something about repeating sounds that makes names more fun.

If you are going to use it in conjunction with the actual name of the plant, I would like to point out how perfect it is.

If you know what the cactus is actually called, you can get a quirky twist on the name.You can have your cake and eat it if you name an entire collection like this.

I love the idea of naming a plant after a fictional character.

I like the idea of using pop culture references in naming things, but when it comes to plants, I feel like it would be pretty funny, and would probably be quite a hoot for guests to discover upon closer inspection.

I found a lot of these names scattered across the web, but I feel like there are many more I'm missing.Please let me know if you can think of more, as I think this naming theme would be great for a mini collection of cacti, especially if the list was a little longer for those with more cacti to name in their collections.

If you liked the idea of naming a cactus after someone you personally know or have known in the past who was prickly, that is what this naming convention is for.

You can use them for people you dislike or think are terrible, such as public figures.

Even comedians, actors, and other types of celebrities who you like, but who are prickly, would fit this bill.

You can change the names based on who you think is prickly.It happens to be in life.

If you happen to showcase your collection to someone who knows the people you named your cacti after, I can see this being a huge conversation starter.

Here are a few places where you can find the names of the people you know or have in your life that are just-prickly-enough to have a cactus named after them.

I used to name every Pokemon I played after a food name when I was a teenager.I had names in my backpack and safety deposit box.

I can see myself naming a collection of plants in this way as well, I found it pretty darn amusing.Why?I think it is fun.

It's an epic naming convention if you have a large collection of fruit, veggies, and other foods and you want endless options.

It makes for some pretty funny visual comparisons.Like naming a barrel cactus.There is a huge resemblance to a Peruvian Apple Cactus that is called Green Bean or Asparagus.

I was unable to come up with a category for these, but I think they are worth sharing.

These cute cactus names don't fit in another category, so here they are sharing their own cute category.

Do you think there are any names in this list that are perfect for a baby cactus?What names do you think should have been on this list?

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There is a person named Pierce.There is a prickly pear cactus in my daughter's yard.I started some from the pads I picked up on walks.Mr.Needles is one of my favorites.

prickly avacado is the name of my cactus on my night stand.

I got two pink moon cacti today and am trying to figure out a name for one of them.

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