Diphosphorus Pentoxide: Formula and Molar Mass

Diphosphorus pentoxide, also known as V oxide or phosphoric anhydride, is an oxide used as desiccant and dehydrating compound for organic synthesis.

The chemical formula is P2O5 and its mass is 141.94 g/mol, however it is also found as P4O10 with a mass of 283.886 g.There are 4 structures presented by this oxide.The P4O10 is a hexagonal lattice.The chemical structure can be written as below.

The main way to prepare phosphorous is with oxygen gas.The P4O10 is produced by burning it.

There is a white deliquescent solid.It has a density of 2.39 g/mL.Its temperature is very high.It has an exothermic reaction in water.

The energy of -177 kJ is released when exothermic hydrolysis takes place in water.