Directv Customer Chan Ge of Owne Rship Form can be used to transfer wireless billing responsibility

The background-color is important.

My brother's house had directv for many years before AT&T bought it.He doesn't have a computer or use the internet, so he does not use his credit card or bank account.The paper bill didn't arrive until the day the payment was due.I used my credit card to pay his bill online because he wouldn't have a late payment.This transaction alone prompted AT&T to change the name on his bill and "billing responsibility" which goes to his address and has been going there under his name for years.I don't live there.We have been trying to change it back to him.When we call AT&T, they say it needs to be done online, but I can't find a place to do that for directv or internet.We can't change the name on the account because it has been in my brother's name for at least 15 years.He is going to cancel his account.Any suggestions?

The account owner needs to inform DirecTV that their name was changed in error.Unless there is a legal name change that affects it, the name should stay the same.

Account ownership and billing address are not the same.Maybe the name on the address the bill was sent to was changed in error because he thought his account ownership remained the same as it should have been.Something to be sure of.

Your credit card is on his account for the rest of his life.If there is an outstanding balance after the account is closed, DirecTV can go after any cards that have been used.

This link doesn't work for Tobr on a DTV account because I am an att employee.The information you've entered cannot be used to access this site when I try to login with customer DTV credentials.The U-verse account owner will need to use their AT&T Account Management sign in credentials to log in.I wanted you to be aware.

Correct, as the account is tied to the SSN for the rest of your life, you don't have a transfer of bill responsibility.

If the account owner is dead, then the surviving spouse can take over account, otherwise it will be closed, which is a form of identity theft.

It is possible for DirecTV to go anywhere in the country.It is possible that AT&T hardline services are different between residences.The home is tied to the internet speeds that are available or not available at all.It is possible for AT&T services to do a change of responsibility.