Everything you need to stop a puppy from chewing a pee Pad.

Nothing can add to the challenge of housetraining a puppy if they keep biting and chewing their potty training pads.

The good news is that this behavior can easily be fixed.

Say no if you catch your puppy eating puppy pads.There is a loud voice.He will drop the pad right away if this gets his attention.

You can distract your pet by giving them a chew toy.The pee pad is off-limits and this strategy diverts your pet's attention from further destructive behavior.

The No-command is very useful as it helps nip all kinds of unwanted biting and chewing behavior in young puppies and is an important part of a puppy's early training.

This command can be used to stop a puppy from chewing or biting objects that are not toys.

Puppy training pads are only for the business of potty-training and not for chewing.

The yard or balcony is a good place to let your puppy finish its business.

Praise your puppy when they eliminate in the designated spot.You can give him/her their favorite food.

The Drop It command can be used to get a puppy to leave things alone.

You should repeat this every time you see a puppy chewing.He should associate the treat with the fact that he dropped the pad.

If the pee pad is not firmly secured or easily accessible, a puppy will chew it.

The easiest way to prevent a puppy from eating puppy pads is to secure it with duct tape.You can invest in puppy pad holders.You can find these in pet stores.

Please make sure that you have a place where your puppy can easily access the pee pad.

There are sprays that can be used to deter puppies from chewing up pee pads and furniture.

They are safe and won't hurt your puppy.Most are made with natural ingredients.

The bitter taste of chew deterrent sprays help repel puppies from them.He won't be able to chew, tear, and gnawing on the pads.

You can find sprays and products for puppies in a variety of flavors.

It's a good idea to keep the dog playpen in the same room where you work so your pet can see you and not feel lonely.

A crate is the same as a playpen and can be used until your pet is fully potty trained and learns bite-and-chew control.

This will keep boredom at bay, help your pet relieve sensitive gums, and save your furniture and pee pads from being ripped to pieces.

It is possible to use indoor puppy pee pads as an intermediate step of housetraining.

The process of housebreaking can be difficult for you and your pet.The Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads are designed to help pet owners potty train their pets.It is the best way to make sure that your pet is well cared for even when you are not at home.The best choice is the Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads.

She uses the pad when she is in her area, but if I let her out she doesn't use the bathroom around the house, how do I get her to go and listen to my commands?

The puppy is 6 months old.I stay in a area during the night.He always bites the wee pads out of the training tray.How can I stop him from chewing the pads?

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