Food can be sneaked into your room

Kids are always seen getting caught for sneaking food to their rooms in commercials and movies.This does not have to be a reality.These steps will allow you to sneak a snack into your room without anyone knowing.

Step 1: Before doing a kitchen raid, practice.

You should know which areas of the house have problems.The railing and stairs can creak.It's a good idea to do a test run when you're just walking around.To make sure that you go step by step, lightly and quietly, you will know which parts you need to be careful about.You can learn to move without tripping.The best route that doesn't raise suspicion is daytime or nighttime.The best opening techniques for the fridge and pantry doors should be tested.

Step 2: It's important to dress appropriately.

If you have big pockets, it can help.A hoodie or bathrobe helps.It's a good idea to wear something loose and comfortable.If you have a hard floor, you should wear socks.Without socks, you should be okay on a carpeted floor.

Step 3: It's up to you to decide when to go.

It is a good time to be awake if your parents are asleep.If you don't go during meal preparation times or when someone else is making a snack, daytime sneaks are possible.If you sneak at night, wait 30 minutes after your parents go to bed to make sure they are asleep.If your parent is still asleep, listen to their room at night.If you can hear them and they are awake, get out of there or hide in the kitchen.

Step 4: It is clear on the coast.

Go to the kitchen and check to see if anyone might cause trouble.Wait for a few minutes in the kitchen to advance.If you accidentally wake someone, be prepared to disguise the food raid as a bathroom visit and flush the toilet on your way back.If you have a cup in your hand, you can try to pull it off as if you were grabbing a glass of water.

Step 5: Walk into the kitchen without thinking.

Try singing quietly or humming casually if it's daytime.

Step 6: The area where the food is kept is open.

The food areas can make noise when the doors are open, so try putting your foot against the fridge and opening little by little with your hands.Grab whatever you can quietly after you pried it open.If the cabinet creaks when you open it, try opening it slowly.If it still creaks, try opening it quickly in hopes of quieting it.

Step 7: Food can be put in your pockets or other areas.

It's easiest to just put it in your pocket.If it's something like potato chips or pretzels from a larger bag, get a glass that you can't see through and fill it with whatever you want.

Step 8: Walk back to your room.

Don't collide into anything.If there is a mirror near the kitchen during the day, make sure you aren't bulging in odd places.As you leave the kitchen, be careful not to leave a trail of food.Dropping food busts you, so either pick it up or hide it under a surface where no one will see it.

Step 9: The best route back to your bedroom is quietest.

You can cover your tracks if you go via the bathroom.

Step 10: If you have parents who like looking at you, hide things quickly.

If your parents come in, Shove the food into a safe spot so that they can't see it.It could be under a desk, a bed, or a pillow for small snacks that don't cause too much bulge.If you're hiding snacks under a bed, make sure the covers don't obscure the space between the floor and the bottom of the bed.If you lift the corner of your mattress, you may find a metal box.It's good for candy bags because you can't hide a lot.If you have a bookshelf in your room, you can put food in it by grabbing it and pulling, then push the bookshelf back so that it looks like the beginning of a simple bookshelf.

Step 11: You need to cover the evidence after you eat.

You can hide leftovers and wrappers in your room or underwear drawer, but only if you know where it is.Few people look in the drawer under the stack of drawers.

Step 12: You can shift items to easy-to- grab locations.

If you are washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen or doing some cooking, you have a chance to put food in one area where it will be easy to grab later.It can be hidden behind a large box of cereals.

Step 13: Having an extra packet of chips in your room is a good way to make sure you have enough to eat over time.

While your parents are out is a good time to do this.

Step 14: The food packages should be put into the back of your pants or skirt.

It's a good idea to walk without a wrapper.You can sneak candy under your family's noses if you do the right thing.

Step 15: Grab a paper towel and put a snack in it, then gather the ends into a bag shape.

It might be easier to make it less suspicious.If someone asks you to throw a piece of trash away, you can tell them.

Step 16: Put the snack in the cup.

The cup should not be open.You should not be able to see the snack above the cup.It's useful for sneaking things like fruit, cupcakes, and chips.If you are allowed to have drinks in your room, this will work.