Form an limited liability company in Kansas.

A limited liability company in Kansas can be formed by naming your company, choosing a registered agent, and filing Articles of Organization.If you are looking for a flexible management structure, limited liability for members, and proportional tax liability in a company you plan to start in Kansas, then an llc may be right for you. Step 1: Understand the structure of limited liability. The flexibility in managing the company is offered by a limited liability company.It protects personal assets from lawsuits and allows managers to pay business taxes according to their ownership share.Professional limited liability companies can be made up of a single person or a group of professionals.Foreign limited liability companies can register in Kansas.A foreign company is a limited liability company formed under the laws of a foreign country or other foreign jurisdiction. Step 2: There is a limited liability company. A business name is required by Kansas law.The name needs to contain the words "limited liability company" or " limited company," or the abbreviation "LC," for example.It needs to be distinct from other businesses registered with the Secretary of State of Kansas.You can check to see if your business name is already used here.The name of a member or manager can be found in the business name.The business name may have words such as company, association, club, foundation, fund, institute, society, union, syndicate, limited or trust.The filing fee is $35. Step 3: If applicable, choose members/managers. You can form a business with other partners or you can be a single member.If you are creating a professional limited liability company, members must be licensed to practice the same profession as the company.It may be beneficial to have at least one other member in the company since this will prevent a court from liquidating the entire company to satisfy an individual's debts.It can sometimes be difficult to file partnership tax returns. Step 4: You need to apply for an employer identification number. A federal tax identification number is used to identify businesses for tax purposes.In Kansas, an EIN is required for a limited liability company with members.If the business will have employees or if you want to file your business taxes as a corporation, you need to obtain an EIN.You can apply for an EIN online at Step 5: A registered agent can be chosen. Every limited liability company in Kansas has to have a registered agent.A registered agent is an entity that is tasked with accepting service of process for lawsuits.A registered agent is needed to maintain a registered office in Kansas.The office does not have to be the primary place of business. Step 6: The complete articles of organization were formed in Kansas. In order to form an limited liability company in Kansas, an Articles of Organization must be drafted.In order to satisfy this requirement, a form needs to be completed.The form can be found at address of the registered office must be included in the Articles of Organization.The address and name of the resident agent.The mailing address of the company.A person is authorized to form a limited liability company.The fee is $165. Step 7: The articles of organization should be filed. The original signed copy of the Articles of Organization must be filed with the Secretary of State.The Secretary will Certify that the Articles were filed in the Secretary of State's office by using the word "filed" and the date and hour of the filing.The endorsed document can be recorded in an electronic format.The original document must be returned to the person who filed it or such person's representative.A certificate from the appropriate professional licensing body that all members are licensed to practice that profession must be filed with the Secretary. Step 8: If applicable, register as a foreign limited liability company in Kansas. Foreign companies don't have to file Articles of Organization because they were organized under the laws of another state.The Foreign limited liability company application can be found at name of the foreign limited liability company is required.The date of organization is what determines the state or other jurisdiction.There is a certificate of good standing.The nature of the business will be conducted in Kansas.The address of the registered office is where the resident agent for service of process is located.The written consent was submitted to Kansas legal jurisdiction.The mailing address of each of the members.The date on which a foreign limited liability company started doing business in Kansas.There is a filing fee. Step 9: You can file an annual report. The Secretary of State requires that an annual report be submitted by the last day of the tax period.The name of the limited liability company must be included in the annual report.A complete list of the company's members and their post office addresses.The penalty for perjury is the signature of a member.There is a filing fee. Step 10: If applicable, pay Franchise Tax. There is a franchise tax on income that is reported on a federal partnership return.The tax is due on the 15th day of the fourth month after the tax year ends.The franchise tax can be filed electronically. Step 11: Comply with the tax laws. Unless they are classified differently for federal income tax purposes, limited liability companies in Kansas are taxed as partnerships.The Kansas Business Tax Application can be found at: Tax is one of the types of tax liability that your business may be subject to.There is a tax on liquor.There is a fee for water protection and clean drinking water.Consumers pay tax on their use.Tire excise tax.State and federal income tax.You can register for and pay your business taxes online.

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