Genshin Impact: Where to find the Calla Lily, and how to get it, is a fandom.

Everything you need to know for the Calla Lilies is contained in a new format.

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When you've played Genshin Impact for a while, there's an awful lot to take in.The higher your Adventure Rank, the more things you can do, such as killing world bosses like Andrius the Wolf Boss.Relax and enjoy the gorgeous world Genshin Impact provides.We will tell you where to find it and what you can use it for if you are after the Mondstadt local specialty.

In the Mondstadt region, there are no shortage of water sources, such as beaches and long rivers.The best place to get this plant is south of Mondstadt.To get to another group of them, head to Dadaupa Gorge, which is located to the south-eastern part of Springvale.

If you want to cook Calla lilies seafood soup, you should use these because they are used in cooking.

The leaked information about Genshin Impact update 1.1 is correct.Dionna will use the Calla Lily in her Ascension.

The Calla lily is important to some if they are using the Cryo element user, as this plant is needed in every single Ascension level he undertakes.If you want to max out Kaeya, you need a grand total of 168.

If you are following the Weekly Missions in the Battle Pass to collect 100 Mondstadt local specialties, you should use this guide to locate them.

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