Growing Pothos in Water: 3 Amazingly Simple Steps to SucceedPothos in Aquariums: All You Need To Know

Is it possible to grow Devil's Ivy in water permanently?It is possible to have Pothos live full time in water if you consider a few simple things.I will describe what you need and give you my personal experiences if you keep reading.

It's a fun way to experiment and try something different as more and more people are trying to grow plants indoors.Pothos is a great way to start growing plants in water.

Taking an existing plant that has been growing in a potting mix, washing it off, and putting it in water is not a good idea.Your plant will have a transition period if you do the latter.

You can skip step 3 if you already have Pothos in the water.Continue reading if you are starting from scratch.

If you want to maximize your plant material, you should take some single node cuttings.The area on your plant where the leaf and petiole meet the Pothos vine is known as a nodes.

In the photo above, you can see how to do this.The Pothos vine can be cut on either end.

Next, place your cuttings in the water.They will root in a matter of days, but could take up to a few weeks.Don't put your cuttings in a dark area.Just like a potted plant, give them light.

A new vine, as well as roots, can be seen at a single cutting that has roots in water.

Here are several vines that have roots in water and have begun to grow a new vine.

After your plants have grown, it's time to give them the right amount of nutrition.If you just use plain water, your growth will be very slow.

In the top left corner of the photo, there is a glass container with Pothos in it that has been growing in water for a few years.I kept them in water because I never got around to planting them.

I kept them in plain water for the longest time.The growth was very small.The growth took off once I started giving it a solution.

If you don't provide a solution for your Pothos to grow in water, the growth will be very slow and minimal.

Dyna-Gro Grow is my favoriteHydroponicsFertilizer and I purchase it right off of Amazon.

It has helped my plants to grow and maintain good health.It is urea-free so it won't burn your plants and it contains all of the macro and micro nutrients that plants need to thrive.

This is an all purpose formula that contains all the vitamins and minerals that plants need to thrive.It will not burn your plants.

In the directions for the use of a non-recirculating system, the label says to mix a small amount of liquidfertilizer per gallon of water.I fill a plastic jug with water and add a small amount of this to it, then use it when I need it.

This solution will be used when your plants are grown in plain water.If you fill your container with the solution, your Pothos will take off.

Modern Botanical has some beautiful and fun ways to grow Pothos in water.You will receive 20% off if you use code OHIOTROPICS.

I have several of these units that you can use for propagation, or even grow your cuttings in permanently.They can be set on a flat surface or wall mounted.

It can survive in plain water, but it won't grow much.If you want better results, use a solution of vitamins and minerals.

It can live indefinitely if you give your plant enough nutrition.You can start all over if your plant starts to decline.

If you grow Pothos in a standard potting mix and fertilize, you will get much more luxurious growth.It is just a matter of what you prefer and what fits your lifestyle, as growing in water can be much simpler.

They can grow well in a fresh water aquarium.The benefits and tips on growing Pothos in an aquarium can be found in this resource.

If you want to grow different varieties of Pothos, check out my post on the different types.There are many beautiful ones.

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