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A Hearty Truffle is a type of mushroom found in Breath of the Wild.

The mushroom has a rich scent.Cook it before you eat.

When eaten raw, or three if turned into a Toasted Hearty Truffle over an open flame, 2 hearts will be restored.A dish cooked with one Hearty Truffle will restore Link's hearts and grant at least one Temporary Heart on top.Link's health will always be restored if dishes cooked with them are canceled out with a competing effect.

There are a lot of hearty Truffles.In the game, there aren't as many locations where they are very densely populated.They are more laid back than they appear.They can be found in the Lanayru, Akkala, and Hebra provinces, as well as the Ridgeland Tower region of Central Hyrule.

There are two areas with trees where there is a small cluster of truffles.There aren't many trees on these mountains, but there are a few of them at the higher altitudes.

The mushroom has a rich scent.It's bursting with vitamins and minerals from the earth.

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