"Hey, hey it's a Monkee house: Davy Jones home for sale," he remembered at the private funeral.

A private funeral service was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Indiantown, near Jones' home in Florida.

Helen Kensick said that his wife and daughters attended the service.She said that Jones' ashes would be returned to his birthplace in Manchester, England.

The Rev.Frank O'Loughlin, who presided over the service, said several of Jones' own songs were played.The singer was compared to the hero of "Lord of the Rings" by the priest.The one Jones offered fans was not the same as the one Tolkien portrayed.

"He wrote about a quiet, gentle, contented people," O'Loughlin said in his sermon, a copy of which he shared with The Associated Press.A people for whom life was bright, neighbors friends, daydream believers with an absolute absence of burden who took themselves lightly lighter than air.Wasn't that what David said to the world?

Jessica Pacheco brought her husband's ashes to the church and his brother gave a eulogy, according to O'Loughlin.

The man who first trained Jones to ride racehorses was in attendance, as were members of his current band, who wrote prayers at the service.

The band that scored musical and TV success in the 1960s did not attend the service.

There will be a public memorial service next week in Manchester, where Jones grew up, but another service may be held in either Los Angeles or New York, Kensick said.

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith may perform at one of the public memorial services.

Jones was stricken while attending to horses in Indiantown, Fla., which is halfway between the Atlantic coast and Lake Okeechobee.

Jones and his third wife, Jessica Pacheco-Jones, lived in Hollywood, Fla.

The four daughters of Jones released a statement thanking fans for their support after their father's death.