How can a waiter talk to customers?

How do you serve a guest?

What to say when serving tables?

- Hello, I'm [first name] and I'll be your server [this morning, this afternoon, this evening] - Welcome to [restaurant], my name is [first name] and I'll be taking care of you [you all, you folks, your group] - [Howdy, Hiya, What's hangin'?], I'm [first name]. - Hi folks, my name is [first name].

What are 3 duties of a waiter waitress?

Waiter/Waitress responsibilities include greeting and serving customers, providing detailed information on menus, multi-tasking various front-of-the-house duties and collecting the bill.31 May 2018

What do waiters normally say?

- Hi, I'm Sue, I'll be your server for tonight. - What can I do for you? - Can I help you? - Can I take your coat? - Have you booked a table? - How many are you? - Would you follow me, please? - Can I take your order, sir/madam?

How can a waiter talk to customers?

- Greet your diners the minute they walk in the door. - Use respectful titles sir, ma'am and miss work well. - Don't interrupt. - Listen intently and pay attention to what they want. - Be thoroughly versed on your menu. Ask questions and repeat their orders to make sure you get it right.

What do waiters write orders on?

Orders can be written on checks, the duplicate of which is given to the kitchen. If handwriting orders, your handwriting must be legible and easy to understand. Always use the appropriate abbreviations; do not make up your own -- the kitchen will not understand them.