How do I connect my phone to TouchTunes?

How do I connect my phone to TouchTunes?

Sign into Bar Connect at using your TouchTunes ID or Facebook login. Press the P2 button on the jukebox remote, creating a dialogue window on the jukebox screen. On the jukebox screen, press “Get Registration Code”. Enter the code that appears on the jukebox into Bar Connect on your phone and hit Submit.15 Mar 2018

How do I connect my phone to my jukebox?

Pair the bluetooth enable device with your jukebox by selecting “I60018CD” from the listed devices on your smart phone/tablet. when pairing successful ,the LED icon“bt” will light up and will hear “DU” sound. 3. You can now play or skip songs using your Bluetooth device , remote control or jukebox control panel.

How do I make a playlist on TouchTunes?

- Check-in to any venue. - Tap "My Music" - Tap "Playlists" - Tap the plus (+) sign in the upper-right corner. - Name your playlist. - Tap "Done"

How much does TouchTunes cost?

Both the TouchTunes and NSM units cost about $4,000 to implement, although the use agreements vary (see sidebar). inclined, groups such as Magnum Music Group are there to help. “We assist our clients in creating a signature soundtrack for their establishments,” Magnum explains.

How do I log into TouchTunes?

- Check-in to a TouchTunes jukebox. - Tap “Log In” in the upper left corner. If you have an account that was created with Facebook® - Tap “Log In With Facebook®” and enter your Facebook® credentials.

Can you Bluetooth to TouchTunes?

When a TouchTunes mobile app user is at or near a venue with a TouchTunes beacon, and they have Bluetooth enabled on their phone, the TouchTunes mobile app will detect the TouchTunes beacon signal. The TouchTunes Proximity Network beacons are easy to install and are provided to our operators for use FREE of charge.

How do I reset my TouchTunes?

Unplug your machine from the wall. Wait about 5 seconds and then plug it back in again. The machine will reboot and you may free the dollar bill.

How do you Unpause TouchTunes?

Assuming your jukebox is successfully connected to the internet and is communicating with the TouchTunes' servers, you can perform many operations remotely! To pause/unpause, turn on/off, reboot or perform a 'call now' on a jukebox remotely, go to Locations > Technical > Hardware > Tools.

How do you play music on a jukebox?

How do I connect my Victrola jukebox to Bluetooth?

Turn ON the Bluetooth function on your external device. NOTE: The effective distance between your external device and this apparatus is 33 feet (10 m). 3. Wait a moment until “Victrola Jukebox” appears on the paired devices list, then select “Victrola Jukebox” and allow it to connect.

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