How do I get my PayPal unblocked?

How do I get my PayPal unblocked?

- Go to the PayPal page and click the "Contact Us" link (see Resources). - Enter the information as requested on the Help page. - Call PayPal if required and supply the information requested to unlock your account. PayPal Help: What Should I Do if My Account is Locked?

How do I contact PayPal when my account is locked?

The only way to find out why the account is locked and how to unlock it is to call PayPal. You can reach them at 1-888-221-1161.

How long is my PayPal account locked?

What can I do if I am locked out of my account after too many failed login attempts? If you locked yourself out due to too many failed login attempts, you will need to wait at least 4 hours for security reasons before you can try again.

Why would PayPal lock my account?

If PayPal detects unusual transactions on your account, or if it requires more information from you, it can lock or limit access to your account. In some cases, it is for simple reasons like entering your password too many times. But it could also happen due to potential hacking or fraudulent activity on your account.

How long is a PayPal account locked for?

You can't until PayPal decides., when you violate policy that's what happens, 180 days restriction/investigation. you will soon be permitted to withdraw the balance and the account permanently banned.

What happens if PayPal lock your account?

PayPal will not allow you to access your account again once you have closed it. PayPal will lose your transaction history. PayPal accounts that have been deleted cannot be used to make future online payments.

How do I unfreeze my PayPal account?

What happens if I get locked out of my PayPal account?

If you are locked out, you are locked out and cannot access the money. PayPal MAY refuse the deposit and send it back. In which case, you will have to arrange a new method of payment.

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