How do I recharge my Ultra Flex?

How do I recharge my Ultra Flex?

- Online: Visit and select the “Recharge” tab in the left-hand navigation. - By Phone: To recharge via phone, call Ultra Mobile customer care at 888-777-0446, or just dial 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone.

Is Ultra Mobile free?

Service plans: Every Ultra plan offers free, unlimited international text and calling to over 80 countries. The main difference between plans is the full-speed data allotment, which ranges from one GB to unlimited.

What is ultra mobile recovery fee?

For all Ultra Mobile Service plans except the Ultra Flex plans, the Recovery Fee is calculated as a flat per transaction fee of $0.50 for service charges of $10.00 or less, and $1.00 for service charges of $10.01 or more.Jul 30, 2021

Does Ultra mobile data carry over?

Yes! When you buy data for your Ultra Flex for Family or Ultra Flex for Individuals, it remains available until you use it!Apr 1, 2019

How much data does Ultra Flex use monthly?

Now individuals on an Ultra Flex plan enjoy double the data with 500MB of rollover 4G LTE per month. Your 4G LTE data will recharge automatically each month you're on the plan.

What is Ultra Flex Plan?

Ultra Flex brings you our lowest prices ever for an individual prepaid wireless plan. The more months you buy up front, the more you save, with rates as low as $12.50/mo when you choose four months or more. Now you can save even more with the first plan to bring family-plan pricing to individual subscribers like you.

What system does ultra mobile use?


Is Ultra Mobile belong to T-Mobile?

Ultra Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNOMVNOGoogle Fi (pronounced /faɪ/), formerly Project Fi, is a MVNO telecommunications service by Google that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Google Fi uses networks operated by T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Google Fi is a service for US residents only, as of late 2019. › wiki › Google_FiGoogle Fi - Wikipedia that launched in October 2012, and the company added support for T-Mobile's LTE network in June.Aug 13, 2014

Who owns Mintsim?

Mint SIM was rebranded to Mint Mobile in May 2018. Actor Ryan Reynolds isn't the exclusive owner but he did purchase an ownership stake in the company on Nov. 25, 2019. Mint Mobile's CEO is still David Glickman but Reynolds will be involved in both marketing and decision making at Mint Mobile.Oct 19, 2020

Is GoSmart part of T-Mobile?

GoSmart Mobile is one of the best values in wireless. ... Built on T-Mobile's nationwide network, GoSmart provides unlimited talk for $25/mo., unlimited talk and text for $30/mo., and unlimited talk, text and Web for $35/mo. or $45/mo.Dec 22, 2013

What carrier is Ultra Mobile under?


Is Ultra Mobile Verizon?

Ultra Mobile runs on the nation's fastest network Verizon may take the trophy for the best wireless network overall, but there's a big T.

What Towers does ultra use?

What towers does Ultra Mobile use? Ultra Mobile is powered by the T-Mobile network.

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