How do you reprogram a garage door opener?

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About 15 months ago, we moved into this house.The external keypad stopped working recently.The Liftmaster unit and wired openers are not the same as the Sears craftsman model.The keypad has buttons for '*' and '#', as well as the 0-9 numbers, but it does not have an ENTER key.There is a button on the inside of the door.

I found the best instructions for a keypad that didn't have an enter key.The garage door opener needs to be unplugged from the electrical outlet.Next, locate the program/operate switch by removing the nameplate from the console.The switch should be flipped to program.Next, enter your desired four-digit PIN number.Plug the garage door opener back into the switch.The keypad needs to be programmed.

The button pad is wired with a battery.The wires from the button pad opener to the actual opener in the garage ceiling were removed.Is it better to remove the battery at this point?

Outside the garage there is a panel with a large rectangular pushbutton.The indoor panel has the Keypad wired to it.It has been in my possession for 25 years since it came with a Craftsman opener.The code is lost when the battery dies.

Don't forget to have a fresh battery.The opener should not have to be unplugged or the battery disconnected.The circuit board in the panel can't be programmed if the battery is unplugged.The opener is done with a wireless remote, not the circuit board in that panel.The opener may be unplugged because of a safety concern.It is very easy to accidentally push the large button on the panel and open the door.You or someone else could be struck by the door.

Simply open the small rectangular plastic plate on the panel where the battery is located and move the switch to program.The code can be entered on the keypad.The switch should be moved back to "operate".Enter the code to test.

You can stop the opener by touching the key on the keypad.When the door closes, you can re-open it by pressing any key.You have to enter the code again after the light goes out.

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