How does a rain alarm work?

How does a rain alarm work?

The heart of rain alarm circuit is rain sensor which is used to detect the presence of water. When rain drops falls on the sensor, it creates a conducting path and triggers the 555 Timer IC. Once the timer IC is triggered, it will activate the alarm.

What are the advantages of rain alarm?

Following are the advantages of Rain sensor : ➨It helps in saving money by switching off the irrigation system when it rains. This saves money by cutting off bills on electricity consumption. ➨It extends life of rain sensor based systems such as car wiper, irrigation systems by running them only when it is necessary.

How do you detect rain water?

What sensor can detect rain?

Resistive Rain Sensor (or Water Sensor) The circuit used is often also known as a water detector or a water sensor. It is typically used in detecting rain, detecting water level. The sensor works base on the resistance of the water. You can visually see the expose copper strips from this sensor.Apr 7, 2015

What is rain water detector?

Rain water detector is a simple circuit which detects the rain and makes an alert. ... Rain water detector is a simple circuit which detects the rain and makes an alert. Rain water detector is used in the irrigation field, home automation, communication, automobiles etc.Mar 28, 2013

What is the type of sensor used in the rain sensor?

Most rain sensor implementations employ an infrared light that is beamed at a 45-degree angle onto the windshield from inside the car. If the glass is wet, less light makes it back to the sensor.

What is the use of rain sensor?

Rain sensors are major components of the automatic systems used in regions where rainfall is observed during the months of irrigation. These devices automatically turn off the irrigation system upon receiving a desired amount of rainfall and enable the system to resume its preset conditions when the device is dried.Oct 21, 2012

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