How does the Welch Allyn vision Screener work?

How does the Welch Allyn vision Screener work?

The Spot® Vision Screener is a handheld, portable device designed to help quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients as young as six months. Get results in seconds. Automatically capture an image from a non-invasive, three-foot distance using the fixation target and sounds that help keep a child's focus.

How accurate is the spot screener?

Results: The Spot Vision Screener was able to successfully evaluate 313 of 330 children (95%). The sensitivity of the Spot Vision Screener to detect American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus guidelines for amblyopia risk factors was 89.5% and the specificity was 76.7%.May 1, 2020

What does plusoptiX screener for?

The purpose of a plusoptiX vision screening device is to empower primary health care providers to detect most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible. The earlier a vision disorder is detected the better it can be treated.

What is sure sight?

SureSight is a portable, fast and affordable device that makes testing even your toughest patients quick and painless - for both you and your patients. It is the first objective, accurate vision test that ensures reliable, early detection of refractive error - the primary vision disorder in children.

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