How many beds does Wexford hospital have?

How many beds does Wexford hospital have?


When did Ahn Wexford open?

Friday, 11:13 a.m.10 Sept 2021

Is Ahn Wexford hospital open?

0 1 --------- ------------- Saturday Open 24 hours Sunday Open 24 hours Monday Open 24 hours Tuesday Open 24 hours Wednesday Open 24 hours Thursday Open 24 hours Friday Open 24 hours

When did Highmark buy Ahn?

Type Subsidiary ------- --------------- Parent Highmark Health Website

How many beds is Ahn Wexford?

160 beds

Does Allegheny General accept UPMC Insurance?

UPMC Health Plan members will continue to have access to all AHN primary care physicians and specialists. UPMC for You products have access to the majority of AHN facilities including West Penn Hospital, Forbes Hospital, Jefferson Hospital and St. Vincent Hospital.

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