How many pounds of potato salad do I need for a group of 50?

The things we covered in this article will help you figure out how much you need for a group-sized classic potato salad.

If there are more dishes available in the gathering, you should make the recommended amount of 1 cup per person; otherwise you will make an average serving size of 1/2 cup.

The recommended serving size is one cup or one half of a pound.If there are not many other dishes available, this may be different.They may consume more than half a cup.

Double serving for an event is a good way to serve a creamy potato salad.You should double the serving size for guests.If you have 25 guests, prepare 50 cups of potato salad.The traditional potato salad has a lot of sugar in it, so make sure to have some dill pickles on the side.

There are two types of potatoes you can choose..Most people prefer a waxy potato such as the Yukon Gold, red potatoes, and Yellow Fin..They hold the shape better when cooked in a salad with a firm texture.

Since they are going to be tossed with a lot of dressing and chopped, it is best to get firm potatoes.

Yes.It's a good idea to cover it and chill it as soon as possible.When you cook with an acidic food for a long time, such as a tomato sauce or apple cider vinegar, there is no chance of a reaction.The mayonnaise in your salad will not create a metallic taste or weird color because it is unlikely to react with the aluminum pan.

Picking the right potatoes would make a perfect salad.Since they get a tighter grip and have a soft, creamy texture when mixed with the dressing, waxy potatoes are the best choice here.Let's start!

5.In a saucepan, whisk 2 beaten eggs, sugar, salt, and cornstarch.Slowly, stir the milk and mustard.

6.For 10 minutes, cook the mixture or dressing.Continue to stir until it becomes thick and remove it.

Potato salad or even pasta salad can be made with a Full-Size disposable aluminum pan.They measure 13′′ x 3′′.It is a standard large container for a group or crowd and people are used to seeing these.