How To After a snow storm, take out your car.

A snowstorm can bury your car and make it difficult to access, but with the right tools you can clear the snow off quickly.Before you head out into the cold, dress warmly and get your shovel, broom, and ice scraper.All you have to do is start at the top of the car and work your way down, clearing snow from the roof, trunk, hood, doors, tailpipe, and tires.Don't forget to clear the area around your headlights and taillights if you've got ice on your windows.You will get a nice winter workout and be ready to drive away.

Step 1: It's a good idea to dress warmly.

It's a good idea to wear warm clothes when you're out in the cold.You will need a waterproof jacket, pants, and boots.Gloves and a hat are needed to maintain your body temperature.You need to remove an article of clothing if you get too warm.It can lead to frostbite if you get wet.All of your outer layers should be waterproof.

Step 2: You need the right tools.

You will need a shovel and a broom to clear the snow from your car without damaging the paint.You should use an ice scraper to clean your windows.Bring your snowblower to make the job easier.If your vehicle is taller than you are, you may need a stepladder to clear snow from the roof.It's a good idea to have a lock de-icer on hand.Salt can be used to melt the snow and ice around your tires, so bring that with you as well.

Step 3: It's a good idea to clear a path.

You will want a place to put the snow you remove from your car.It is easier to clear a path first.You can wait until snow plows clear the area, but sometimes they push more snow along the side of the road where cars are parked.

Step 4: Start at the top.

First, clear the snow from the roof.Before moving to the tires and road, make sure the hood and trunk are clear.If you want to clear the snow from the car, you have to shovel the ground again, but only if you start at the top.It creates a hazard if you leave snow on your car.Driving in snow and ice can block your view.If your vehicle is taller than you are, use a broom and stepladder to push the snow off.When you are ready to drive away, be careful not to push the snow into the street.Remove the snow from the car, other cars, and pedestrian walkways.The goal is to keep your car clean.

Step 5: Don't open the doors.

It is a good idea to dig snow away from the doors.This will allow you to get into the car and start it, which will help melt snow and ice from the windows and other areas.

Step 6: Take the snow away from the tires.

There is snow in the front and back of your tires.If there are chunks of ice or icicles anchoring your tires to the ground, you won't be able to drive out of the spot.Try to knock the ice down with your broom.Salt can be put around your tires to help melt the ice and snow.It is corrosive so don't put it on your car.

Step 7: You need to dig out your tailpipe.

It's important to clear your tailpipe and the back of your car because snow builds up around it.Leave at least 1 ft of room to allow exhaust fumes to escape.Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by exhaust backs up into the car.Make sure the area around your tailpipe is clear to start your car.

Step 8: Look under the hood.

The snow may have filled the engine compartment.If that is the case, prop the hood open, remove the snow, and leave it open to dry off.You may need to clean your windows often during the winter, so make sure your washer outlets are clear.

Step 9: The car needs to be started.

The heat should be turned on and the defrosters turned off.This will help melt snow and ice as well as give you a place to warm up once you are done digging.While you remove the ice from the windows, leave the engine running and the heat on.If you don't have enough gasoline, you will not be able to reach your destination.If you don't have a key, you can use lock de-icer.If that's not possible, you could try heating up your key with a lighter or matches.Don't burn your hands or gloves.You may need a locksmith if you force the lock.

Step 10: The windows should be clear.

The heat and defrosters make it easier to do this after you start your car.If the roof and hood are not free of ice, use an ice scraper to clear them.Warm water can cause the glass to crack.If the wipers are frozen, you should free them.Remove snow and ice from your headlights.

Step 11: Drive away from a path.

If you're driving your car away from the spot you were parked in, make sure there's no snow or ice in the way.To move the car away from the spot, use a low gear and low speed.Salt, sand, and cat litter can be put around your tires to help you drive away.The material is harder to grab onto than snow and ice.Get a push to help you gain traction.If you don't have anyone to push the car, you can either reverse or drive.Before shifting gears, be sure to let the engine return to neutral.

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