How To Bypass Windows 7 Password

You can use a password recovery drive to access your account if you lost the password.If you didn't create a password recovery drive, you can still get a Windows installation or system repair disc.

Step 1: A system repair disc can be inserted into the DVD drive.

You can use a Windows 7 system repair disc to reset your password.If you don't have a System Repair disc, you can make one on another computer.

Step 2: Your computer needs to be rebooted.

When prompted, press any key on the keyboard.You need to change the boot order in the bios before you can use this method.

Step 3: Under the operating system, choose Windows 7.

The text will become blue when selected.

Step 4: Under the location, make note of the drive letter.

The drive letter you should remember is D.

Step 5: You can click next.

Step 6: Click on the link.

There is a black screen with white text.

Step 7: At the command prompt, type the drive letter.

For example, if your letter was type D.

Step 8: Press enter.

Step 9: To create a back door, use an elevated command prompt.

In order to type the following commands, press Enter.Press Enter if you want to type ren utilman.To type, press Enter.To enter, type exit and press it.

Step 10: Remove the system repair disc.

Step 11: The computer needs to be rebooted.

The computer will prompt you to log in.

Step 12: Click the icon that says "Ease of Access".

There is a compass in the left corner of the screen.Don't be alarmed, this will open the command prompt instead of the Ease of Access center.

Step 13: Click on the net user's name to type their password.

You will remember the password if you replace it with the usernames of the accounts you need to access.

Step 14: Press enter.

Step 15: The command prompt needs to be closed.

Step 16: Go to Windows and log in.

You're back on the computer with your regular account.

Step 17: As an administrator open the command prompt.

Click the Start menu.Go to the search box and type cmd.If you are prompted, confirm that you really want to run the program as an administrator.There will be a command prompt.

Step 18: The back door should be removed.

You can remove the backdoor by entering the following commands.For example, D:.Press Enter.Press Enter if you want to type cd.Press Enter if you want to copy utilhold.exe.

Step 19: You can put a Windows 7 installation DVD into a DVD drive.

You can access an Administrator account by making a few changes to the registry.If you need to borrow a DVD, it doesn't have to be the same one you used to install Windows on.

Step 20: Reboot your computer.

The screen should ask you to choose a language.You need to change the boot order in the bios before you can use this method.

Step 21: Click next if you want to select your language.

Step 22: You can repair your computer.

Step 23: Pick your Widows installation.

The Windows 7 installation can be found in the list.Unless you have other operating systems installed, it should be the only option.You can click next.

Step 24: The command prompt has a link that you can click.

It is the last option at the bottom of the screen.The command prompt is a black window with white text.

Step 25: To enter, type regedit and press it.

The registry editor will be present.

Step 26: Click here to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

It is on the left side of the screen.

Step 27: Click on the menu to open it.

Step 28: Select the option to load Hive.

Step 29: The type is %windir%.

You can type this into the "File name" field.It's important to type it as shown.

Step 30: Click Continue.

You will see a screen asking you to enter a name for a new hive.

Step 31: You can type temporary.

You can type, but this is a safe bet.

Step 32: Click OK.

You will return to the main registry editor now.

Step 33: Click on the user registry key.

Click the + next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to access the steps.Next to temporary is the +.Next to SAM, click the +.Next to the Domains, click the +.Next to Account, click the +.Next to users, click the +.Next to 000001F4 is the +.There is an entry for F in the right panel.

Step 34: Click F in the right panel.

A new window will contain a lot of numbers.

Step 35: The line starts with 008.

You will be able to see 11 from the right.

Step 36: Go from 11 to 10.

If you drag the mouse across the 11 you will see that the number is highlighted.

Step 37: Click OK if you don't want to.

The hard part is over!

Step 38: Remove the Windows DVD.

Step 39: You should restart the computer.

Step 40: The administrator account is where you can click.

This will allow you full access to the operating system.You can change the password for your admin account.

Step 41: You should be able to access another computer.

If you have access to another computer that has internet access, you can download a utility called NTPassword that will help you reset your Windows 7 password.You can either burn a copy of this utility or use it to create a flash drive.

Step 42: Go to NTPassword.

Step 43: There is a version of NTPassword.

You can download the NTPassword files by clicking one of the following buttons.There should be nothing else on the drive you use.You can save the file on your computer by clicking Download Disc Version.You can burn a CD of this image once downloaded.

Step 44: A flash drive can be created.

Unzip the downloaded file to your flash drive if you choose to do so.The files should be on the drive.Go to the Start menu and type cmd.To run as administrator, right-click the command prompt and select "Run as Administrator." Then type cd x: and press enter.To enter,replace both X: with the actual drive letter.There is a flash drive in the second computer.

Step 45: You can create a CD.

You can burn the downloaded file to a disc if you choose to do so.Once the burn is complete, dump the disc from the second computer.

Step 46: There is a problem computer.

Step 47: The computer needs to be re-booted.

The computer should boot into a black screen with a white text at the beginning.You need to change the boot order in the bios before you can use this method.

Step 48: Press enter.

Step 49: The hard drive partition contains Windows.

Press the number on the keyboard next to the largest partition that does not say "boot" to see the text that says "select disk where the Windows partition is."

Step 50: To confirm the path, press.

Select which part of the registry you want to load, use preset choices, or list the files with space.

Step 51: Press Enter.

The default setting is to "Edit user data and passwords".

Step 52: To accept the next setting, press.

Step 53: You can reset the password by selecting the user.

You can find your account name at the bottom of the screen.The column to the left contains the corresponding RID number.Press Enter if you want to type the RID number.

Step 54: Press enter.

Step 55: Press 1 and enter.

The password for the account is clear.

Step 56: Press q and enter.

You will be prompted to save your changes.

Step 57: Press y and then enter.

You want to save the changes.

Step 58: The drive or CD should be thrown away.

Step 59: You can press the Ctrl+Alt+Del.

When your computer restarts, you will be able to click your user name and set a new password.

Step 60: Try to log in to a computer.

You can use the password reset disk to get back into Windows.Try another method if you did not create a password reset disk.

Step 61: There is a password error message.

Step 62: Attach the password recovery disk to the computer.

Step 63: Click the link to reset your password.

It is under the password blank.This will open the password reset wizard.

Step 64: Click next.

Step 65: From the drop-down menu, select your drive.

It is called aRemovable Disk.

Step 66: You can click next.

Step 67: You need to type a new password.

Under the text "Type a new password", enter it.

Step 68: The password should be typed again.

Under "Type the password again to confirm," type it into the second blank.

Step 69: A password hint can be entered.

You can do this in the third box on the screen.If you forget the new password, type something that will make you remember it.

Step 70: You can click next.

You use the wrong password reset disk if you see an error that says "An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password."

Step 71: Click to finish.

This will end the password reset wizard.

Step 72: Go to Windows.

You will be able to log in to Windows using your new password.

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