How To Cannabis seeds can be grown indoors.

Growing cannabis at home is a great way to have your own plants on hand.You may want to grow cannabis indoors if you don't have a lot of green space in your yard.germinating the seeds is the first thing to do.The seeds should be planted in soil or a starter cube.When the seeds have been planted, care for them so they grow and thrive.

Step 1: Put the seeds in a container.

If you want to make it easier to grow seeds, soak them in tap water for 12 hours.The seeds that are viable will sink to the bottom of the bowl.Place the viable seeds on a towel.

Step 2: Put a paper towel on a plate.

The paper towels are thick enough to hold the water needed for the seeds to grow.Place a paper towel under the water until it is wet to the touch.A ceramic dish or plate is strong enough to hold the towels and seeds.The dish or plate should be covered with a paper towel.

Step 3: Put the seeds on the towel.

Place the blunt end of the seeds on the towel so their roots don't get tangled.If you don't have enough space on one plate for all your seeds, put the rest on a new plate covered in a wet paper towel.

Step 4: Put the other paper towel over the seeds.

Make sure the towel is wet.

Step 5: The seeds should be kept at 70 to 85 F.

The cannabis seeds need a consistent temperature to grow.The seeds can be stored in a warm area, such as the top of the refrigerator.You can use a heat lamp to keep the seeds warm.You don't want your heat source to dry out the paper towels if you warm the seeds up too much.

Step 6: The paper towels need to be kept moist.

To keep them moist, spray the top towel with a spray bottle of water.The paper towels need to be checked several times a day to make sure they don't dry out.The seeds could die if they become too dry.

Step 7: Wait for the seeds to grow.

Cannabis seeds will usually open in 48 hours.Depending on the seed type, the roots should appear within a few days.The seeds are ready to be planted when the tap roots are 4 to 2 inch (0.64 to 1.27 cm) long.As the seeds open, be careful.You don't want to damage the roots, so avoid touching the seeds.Any seeds that have not opened and grown roots within a few days should be thrown out.

Step 8: Potting soil can be filled with 2 inches of garden pots.

Plastic garden pots are small enough to hold seeds.You can find garden pots at your local garden supply store.The soil is loose and airy.The soil should be moist.The pots should be filled with the soil.You can buy starter cubes from your local nursery or online.The starter cubes are made of bark.They have a hole where you can grow the cannabis seeds.Inexpensive starter cubes are easy to use.

Step 9: A deep hole is needed in the soil.

You can poke a hole in the soil with a pen or pencil.Don't poke the hole too deep or close to the surface of the soil.If you make planting holes too shallow, the seed's roots will not have enough soil to grow in.The seed will have a hard time growing if the planting holes are too deep.

Step 10: The seeds need to be dropped in the hole.

Drop the seeds with the tap root in the hole.The root of the seed is called the tap root.When picking up seeds with tweezers, don't pull or tug at them.To get the seeds easier to pick up, wet the towel with water.

Step 11: Put the seeds in the soil.

The seeds should be covered in 4 inch (0.64 cm) of soil.Pressing hard on the seeds can disturb their growth.Pinch the top of the holes in the cubes closed if you are using starter cubes.

Step 12: In a moist area, keep the seeds out of the sun.

The air will be too dry and hot if the potted seeds are placed on a windowsill.Plants can grow in a closet or basement.The plants will thrive if the temperature is 75 to 85 F.

Step 13: The soil needs to be wet one to two times a day.

To keep the seeds moist, use a spray bottle.Make sure it is moist to the touch.If you pool the soil with water, it can lead to growth issues.The plants need a regular watering schedule.You can spray the plants in the morning and then again at night to get the water they need.

Step 14: Cool white grow lights can be used.

Light is needed for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.White grow lights have a consistent temperature of 72 F.The pots should be kept 2 inches from the lights.Light the pot with 3 to 5 watt of light.Depending on the model and size, grow lights range from $200 to $1,200.White grow lights can be found at your local hardware store or online.

Step 15: As the seeds grow, do not touch or handle them.

The seeds can be damaged by touching or handling them.Within five to ten days, your seeds should poke out of the soil with the right growing conditions and care.