How to care for a Bulbosa air plant?

This article will introduce you to one of the most popular species in the air plant family, the Tillandsia.

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants, rather than from the soil.Some plants in the genera can grow on sand that is constantly moving.This is different from how most people think a plant grows.The Tillandsia bulbosa is a great example of a unique air plant.

The bulbous air plant has tendrils that appear from a bulb at the base.This is where it gets both its botanical name and common name.

When the plant is ready to bloom, the leaves of bulbousa turn a lovely violet.It only flowers once in its lifetime, so don't expect a floral display every year.It can be separated from the mother plant once it blooms.

Bulbosa is easy to grow because it has very relaxed watering needs.This is the best option if you want to try out an air plant.

Air plants are the best option for people with a black thumb who want to grow a plant in the worst way.

It is very easy to care for Tillandsia bulbosa.The bulbosa doesn't need a container or soil.The air plant can be displayed in a found shell or piece of driftwood.It can be suspended from a piece of wire.

Light and shade can be adjusted by Tillandsia bulbosa.It doesn't like bright sun and prefers indirect light and partial shade, but it is a flexible plant.

Placing the plant in soil will cause the water to remain in the bulb and cause it to rot.

It is easy to water a bulbosa.Air plants do not use their root system to absorb water.Their roots are used to secure other plants.Along the leaves of tillandsias, there are tiny hair-like structures called trichomes.

The leaves of the Bulbosa do not have a lot of trichomes, and they look smooth.The air plants that are known for their silver or white look are the ones that live in dry climates.

Bulbosa only needs two or three light mists a week with a spray bottle.Don't soak the leaves.

The Tillandsia bulbosa is native to humid climates in South and Central America.It likes a moist environment and can be achieved with regular, light mists.The temperature can be changed as long as it stays above 55o Fahrenheit.

If you need to fertilize, look for a specially formulated tillandsia variety.

The wild type of Tillandsia bulbosa lasts a long time.There are many varieties of the Bulbous air plant that are commercially available.They have a wide choice of colors, shapes and sizes.

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