How To Check Google Doc History

You can learn how to check the history of Doc in a web browser.You can't use the mobile app or mobile web browser to check the history of a Doc.The version history is also available for other apps.

Step 1: You can open a file in the doc.

Click a document to open it if you want to.If it's a shared document, you'll need permission to modify it.

Step 2: You can see version history by clicking File, then Version history.

You can find the File tab in the top left corner of your screen."Version history" is located in the middle of the menu and will prompt another menu to pop out to the right.The Doc will show all the changes in a panel on the right.Click on the version you want to name.There can be up to 40 named versions of a document, drawing, or presentation.

Step 3: If you want to restore a previous version, click a version.

The version history will be reflected in the doc.Clicking to the left of the version's name will show more detailed versions from that day.

Step 4: If you want to go back to a previous version, click Restore.

There is a blue button at the top of the screen.To confirm the change, click again.If you want to return to the current edit, first you have to view the version history and then select the most recent version.You may not have permission to change the document if you can't see the version history.