How to check the filters in your dishwasher

The dishwasher filters are self-cleaning and manual.Dishwashers with self-cleaning filters rely on an integrated grinder to destroy food like a garbage disposal, which is washed away through the drain.

Does my dishwasher have a filter?The filters on the Whirlpool dishwasher are innovative.The triple system deadens sound and conserves water and energy.The dishwasher's filter needs to be maintained to keep it clean.

To get to the dishwasher filter, you have to expose the bottom of your dishwasher.The base of the spray arm is where you can find the filter.The upper and lower filters are part of the triple filter system.

Quiet dishwashers often have manual filters.Depending on how often you use your dishwasher, they should be cleaned at least every three to six months.Check the owner's manual to find out if the manufacturer recommends cleaning the filter every two or three weeks.

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