How To Cope when Your Shoe Heel Breaks

If you wear high heels, you'll probably have one break on you during your life, and the result could be not only embarrassing, but also painful.Supermodels and celebrities have to deal with this scenario.There are practicalities involved in dealing with a shoe that is no longer useful for walking or dancing in, but you still have to get home or dance the night away.Every day, broken heels happen to real people and it pays to be prepared.There are some suggestions in this article for dealing with broken shoe heels.

Step 1: Try to stay upright.

If you can, grab hold of a sturdy piece of furniture, railing, or a strong person when you feel your heel snapping from underneath you.You won't have a lot of time to react when it happens so quickly.Don't try to be graceful, just be safety conscious.If you fall, avoid anything that might hurt you.Relax rather than stiffen.It's a good idea to be careful if you're grabbing someone.You should check your shoe at any time.You may be able to avoid the pain of falling over.You can see how to fall safely.

Step 2: You can find the broken piece.

You should try to get the snapped heel or pieces of it in order to fix your shoe.If you're a regular wearer of high heeled shoes, you should always keep a tube of suitable, instant-drying, strong glue in your handbag.Take the shoe and look at it.In some cases, it can be possible to reinsert the heel back into the holes or slots it has loosened its way out from.If you can, check the alignment of the nails and other pieces.If you can't manage it on your own, ask for help from someone stronger.This may snap the heel or pieces of it, so don't push too hard.If you have instant dry glue, try to fix it.If you have dirt or dust, wipe it off and then glue it back into place.Since glue takes time to strengthen (even instant glue), you'll need to be able to rest the shoe somewhere to dry it.Enjoy a drink or chat with someone while sitting back.Try to keep the weight on the ball of your feet by leaning your foot forward, rather than leaning back.If dancing, take care as this will place a lot of pressure on the shoe.Proceed to the next step if you can't fix the shoe.

Step 3: Take off your shoes.

The easiest way to remedy the situation in the short term is to go barefoot.This will allow you to move freely again, as well as restoring your balance and stance.There are a number of dangers to avoid when removing shoes, such as broken glass, excessive heat or cold, dirty floors, and the potential for needle objects to be around.Don't forget that other people are dancing onto your feet as well.If you're worried about germs or dirt, keep your socks on and you won't have a slip hazard.

Step 4: Inquire for help from your host.

Your host might be able to give you a temporary pair of shoes, or even help you with a fix to your broken foot.Don't be too shy to ask for help when the heel snaps, it will depend on where you are.

Step 5: Purchase a new pair if you dash out.

If you're embedded in a posh dinner party or dancing away at 4am in the morning, you won't be able to get away and purchase a "this'll-do-for-now" pair.If you're in a hurry and likely to throw them away at the charity store, choose something cheap and basic.In the vicinity of where you are, there are late night stores.Ask your host questions.Even a pair of cheap sneakers or sandshoes can be purchased from all night supermarkets or drugstores; these are good enough to get you home soundly!You can find a shoe repairer.It is possible to have a laugh about what happened, catch up on a bit of news and come back intact.

Step 6: Don't deal with the embarrassment.

The shock of a snapped heel comes with the feeling of embarrassment that you've taken a tumble and might have ended up in a pose that wasn't that flattering.Laughing at the situation is the best way to deal with it.You are happy to make light of it and you are not harmed.You can buy yourself a new pair of shoes if you need to cheer yourself up.If you fall to the ground, it's a concern for your friends and an awkward and uncomfortable moment for everyone else.For a split second, nobody knows what is happening and you could be having a heart attack.It's a good idea to assure people before they laugh it off.It shouldn't ruin the rest of the event if you're partying, dancing, dining, etc.Continue enjoying yourself, even though you can't go back, and have a great time!It doesn't matter if you wear a spare shoe or not.It doesn't matter if you're comfortable and safe.

Step 7: Get a ride home.

If you were going to catch public transportation or walk home, treat this as an emergency situation that requires you to go home in a safe way.You don't need to go to the front doors or the taxi to be called by your host.If someone you know can give you a ride home if you can't afford a taxi, you should.

Step 8: If you have a temporarily repaired heel, take it to a professional shoe fixer.

Buying a shoe repair kit for an at- home fix-it job is a good idea if the shoes are not worth the cost.The shoes are worth something.The shoe repairer is the best option for long-term strength and reliability.

Step 9: Carry a pair of ballet flats.

The product is compact and is now sold at drugstores and grocery stores.If your shoes cause your feet to hurt and you want to keep dancing, these can be used.