How To Decorate With Streamers

Inexpensive party decorations that give a big visual impact are crepe-paper streamers.You can turn almost any get-together into a festive gathering with a roll of streamers, scissors and tape.You can decorate with streamers by using strips of crepe paper.

Step 1: The crepe paper is folded over the hula hoop.

The streamer should rest on the end of the crepe paper.The center of your canopy will be served by a hula hoop.The hula hoop will hold all of the streamers.

Step 2: The streamer's end should be stapled to itself.

You can use tape if you don't have a stapler.

Step 3: Cut the crepe paper after unroll it.

Each streamer needs to go from the center of the room to the outside wall.The streamer needs to be a few feet longer than the distance to achieve a drape.To be safe, you might want to overstate how long the streamer needs to be.You can adjust the drape of the streamer with this.It is possible to trim it later.It's easier to cut one streamer as a reference if you can measure the distance.The crepe paper should be rolled from the center of the room to the wall by a friend.Cut the streamer by adjusting the drape.You can use this streamer as a guide.

Step 4: Take it one step at a time.

Continue to add streamers to your hula hoop.The streamers may overlap.You can use streamers or crepe paper to create a pattern.

Step 5: The hula hoop is in the middle of the ceiling.

The method you use depends on the ceiling.The easiest way to install a hula hoop is to tie it to a light fixture or beam.Get creative if these options are not available to you.The hula hoop can be suspended from the ceiling with a hook.Make sure the streamers are facing up when you hang the hula hoop.Guests won't see the string if you use fishing paper.

Step 6: The streamers should be attached to the outer walls or ceiling.

Pull one streamer at a time to the edge of the room.Wrap the streamer around the outer wall or ceiling with a piece of Scotch tape.Continue until streamers are draped across the ceiling.The ceiling will be hidden when it is done.

Step 7: Determine the back-drop's dimensions.

Measure the back-drop's length and width.To mark the back-drop's dimensions, use a pencil, chalk, or piece of tape.The back-drop may be large or small, depending on how you want to capture it.Will the pictures be from the waist up or do you want to take a full-body shot?Do you know how tall your guests are?How many people do you want in the picture?

Step 8: Attach a piece of masking tape to the wall.

Along the top edge of your back-drop, stretch a piece of masking tape.To secure the tape to the wall, cover the ends with masking tape.The streamers are stuck on the sticky side of the tape.

Step 9: Put streamers on the tape.

Attach streamers to masking tape.Cut the streamers in a straight line.When you move from one corner of the back-drop to the other, layer the streamers slightly and vary the colors.It is not necessary to cut every streamer to the same length.You will trim them when you're done.

Step 10: Place a piece of crepe paper over the top edge.

The masking tape should be placed along the top edge of the back-drop.Roll a streamer along the edge of the back-drop.The two small pieces of tape should be covered the same way.This will give your back-drop a clean, crisp edge.

Step 11: The streamers should be taped to the wall.

Put masking tape across the bottom edge of your back-drop.Attach the tape to the wall.There is a piece of tape that prevents streamers from moving.If you want the streamers to move with the breeze, don't tape them to the wall.This will give you a more playful backdrop.

Step 12: The streamers should be just below the tape.

Carefully trim each streamer near the bottom edge of the tape with a pair of scissors.Don't worry about trimming each streamer perfectly because you will cover the bottom with a streamer.

Step 13: Put a piece of crepe paper over the bottom edge.

Roll masking tape along the bottom edge of your back-drop.Roll a streamer along the taped edge.When the backdrop is done, you will have a piece of crepe paper to pose in front of.Two small streamers can be added to each corner to match the top.

Step 14: There are streamers hanging from the venue.

All you need is some tape to hang streamers from any surface.There are streamers hanging from a doorway or window.You can hang streamers on the back of a chair.

Step 15: The room has streamers around it.

One end of the streamer should be taped to a surface.The streamer should be loosened and run across the surface.You can tape the streamer to the surface to create a drape.

Step 16: Wrap streamers around a railing.

The streamer should be taped to one end of the railing.Wrap the streamer tightly around the railing.Attach the end of the streamer to the roll.

Step 17: You need to double-up your streamers.

If you want to add color to the space, hang two streamers at the same time.There are two different colored streamers to choose from.

Step 18: You can layer the streamers.

Put the streamer on top of the other so their ends meet.To cut each streamer, roll it out to the desired length.

Step 19: The ends should be secured together.

Each end of the streamers should be stapled.You can tape the two streamers together if you don't have a stapler.

Step 20: The streamers should be hung.

Attach the end of the streamers to the surface.Move the streamers so they twist when you walk to the other attachment point.Attach the other side to the surface.To see both colors, you must twist the streamers.

Step 21: The streamer should be folded over to create multiple layers.

This will allow you to fringe the streamer quickly and efficiently.The folded streamer needs to be cut from the roll.

Step 22: You should fringe your streamers.

The two long edges of the streamer can be cut with a pair of scissors.The streamer will have a festive fringe running up and down both edges if you stop the scissors just shy of the center.A streamer is 1.75 inches wide.Your fringe should be at least 1/2 inch long.

Step 23: Unfold the streamer.

You can see the fringe as you unfold the streamer.The crepe paper is delicate.

Step 24: The streamer should be hung.

Attach the streamer to the surface with a piece of tape.You can twist the crepe paper as you walk to the other end point.Attach the streamer to another surface.The streamers add flair.

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