How To Determine a Faucet Brand

You may not know or remember the brand of the faucet you installed yourself, even if it was there when you moved in.It doesn't seem like a big deal until you have issues with your faucet and you're not sure how to fix it.There are a few ways to find out what the brand of your faucet is.

Step 1: Check for a logo by cleaning the faucet handles.

To keep the brand name and logo clean, spray the faucet and handles with a glass cleaner.After wiping the cleaner off, look at the faucet and handles to see if there are any words or shapes that represent a brand.

Step 2: Under a flashlight, look at the parts of the faucet.

The brand names and logos on the faucet are very small.You can get a better look at the faucet if you hold a flashlight over it.To make sure you don't miss a subtle representation of the faucet brand, look all around the curves and handles.

Step 3: If there isn't a logo, look for a model number.

It is less likely that there is a brand name or logo on the faucet.If there is no brand information on the surface of your faucet, try looking up the number online.The company's website may pop up if you search the whole model number.

Step 4: If you just bought a faucet, look for a user manual.

There are many items that come with an instruction booklet.You should look around your home to see if you can find the manual.

Step 5: The water supply should be turned off.

To turn off your water supply, you need a stop valve.The stop valves have a chrome finish and are usually located near the fixture.Before taking your faucet apart, turn the stop valve clockwise.The stop valves should be located underneath the sink and all the way back if you are working with a sink faucet.If you can't find the stop valve, you may have to shut off your entire home's access to water.Turn the main shut off valve clockwise to do this.Near your water meter is where the main shut off valve is located.

Step 6: Remove the indicator button and handle with a screwdriver.

The indicator or index button can be found on the top of the handle.The head of a screw should be visible when you take this off.Remove the screw with your screwdriver, then set everything aside.

Step 7: There is a broach at the top of the stem.

You should be able to see the broach once the stem is exposed.The stem of the faucet is a cylindrical piece that makes up the moving parts on the inside, while the broach is the gear-shaped piece of metal that sits at the top of your faucet's stem.

Step 8: Darken a single line with a marker.

The pointed ridges are around the outside of the broach.If you want to count how many there are, you can use a permanent marker.

Step 9: You have to count all the way around.

The marked spline is a starting point.When you get back to the marked spline, count each one.This is the number of points on your broach.

Step 10: You can identify Delta faucets by their broach.

A good way to narrow down the brand possibilities is to observe this part of the faucet, as different companies have different broach sizes and shapes.You may have a Delta faucet if the broach is D shaped.Moen and Mixet have brooches shaped like D.

Step 11: An American Standard faucet has a 22-point broach.

The broach at the top of the stem has 22 splines.If you count 22 points on your broach, your faucet may be an American Standard one.Measure the broach.It is most likely an old American Standard model if it measures 0.275 inches (0.95) cm.

Step 12: Fisher faucets have broaches of 0.29 inches.

Measure your broach with a ruler or measuring tape.There is a good chance that you have a Fisher faucet if the measurement is 0.29 inches.Count the splines on the broach to double check.Fisher broaches usually have 12 points.Bradley, Elkay, Sears, and Universal Rundle have broaches that measure 0.29 inches.

Step 13: A T&S faucet has bulges on its stem.

T&S faucets have bulges on either side of the stem that are unlike other brands.There are bulges near the handle.If you notice some metal sticking out from your faucet, it could be a T&S faucet.

Step 14: The Chicago Faucet has a handle that is bullnose-shaped.

Take a close look at your faucet handles.If they are completely rounded and don't seem to have any sharp points or edges, your faucet's brand is likely Chicago Faucet.

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