How To Do Headband Curls

It is easy to make headband curls.You put an elastic headband on your head and loop damp hair around it.Leave your hair around the headband for one hour to overnight and then remove it.The longer your hair is wrapped around the headband, the tighter and more long lasting it will be.Making headband curls is a great way to achieve bouncy and full hair without damaging it or spending a lot of money.

Step 1: You need to brush your hair.

You should brush or comb your hair before making your headband.If you want to brush through your hair, hold the brush an inch or so higher.When you reach the top of your head, keep brushing in downward motions.If you have knotted hair, it will make it harder to do this hairstyle.It's a good idea to brush your hair from the bottom up.You can prevent your hair from breaking.Don't comb through a knot if you encounter it.If you want to untangle the knot, brush it in soft motions.

Step 2: Allow your hair to be damp.

If you have damp hair, headband curls are the best way to dry it out.If you have dry hair, hold it under the faucet for a few seconds.A spray bottle of water can be used to spray your hair.Wait until your hair is mostly dry if you are trying this hairstyle after a shower.If you want your hair to be damp, make it damp as opposed to wet.

Step 3: You can add a product to your hair.

Adding curling cream to your hair can make it damper and give it more texture.The texture allows the pattern to hold better.You don't need to add product if you already have thick, textured hair.Adding a product to your hair can make it look better.To apply a product, place a dime-sized amount in your palm and work it through your hair.

Step 4: Put on a headband.

It is time to put on the headband if you want to make the curls.Take an elastic hairband and place it on your head, wearing a headband that runs across your forehead.The headband is comfortable.Wrap it around your head.You will be wearing this for at least an hour and possibly all night if you use a tight one.The headband should be around the width of two fingers.

Step 5: There is a small section of hair through the headband.

It is time to start looping your hair once you put on the headband.Start by taking a strand of hair from the left or right side of your face.The strand should be close to two fingers.Lift the strand up and then loop it under the headband to make a complete loop.

Step 6: Hair should be added to the strand.

Once you have created the first loop over and under the headband, you can combine the two strands by taking a small piece of hair next to the one you just looped.

Step 7: With the combined strands, do another loop.

You can make another loop over and under the headband if you combine the strands.

Step 8: Wait until you reach the back of your head.

Continue adding and looping until you reach the back of your head, behind your ear.

Step 9: Make loops on the other side.

When looping your hair, start on the other side and work your way back to create loops.When you reach the back of your head, stop.Your hair should now be rolled around the headband on both sides of your head, with a small amount of hair hanging down in the back.

Step 10: You can loop the back section around the headband.

Take the entire section of hair that is hanging down at the back of your head and loop it under the headband as you did with the other hair.If you want to combine it with the headband, simply keep looping the hair around and tuck the tips under it.

Step 11: Put your hair in a pin.

It is a good idea to secure your hair with pins if you are going to sleep with your headband curls.The loops should be pinned to the part of your hair above the crown of loops with a few bobby pins or hair clips.If you want to protect your hair at night, wrap a scarf around it.

Step 12: It's a good idea to spray your head.

You can give your hair a quick spray after you have added clips.Enhancing your hair's hold on the curl pattern will help you when you take it down.

Step 13: Keep your hair out of your face for at least an hour.

Most of the work to create this hairstyle is done once you spray your hair.Wait for an hour or two to take down your hair.The longer you wait, the tighter the curls will be, and the longer the staying power they will have.

Step 14: The headband needs to be removed.

Take the pins from your hair and unloop the strands of hair from the headband whenever you are ready to complete the hairstyle.Your hair should be long and curly.

Step 15: Take your hair out and style it.

It may take a little more work to get your hair the way you want it once you remove the headband.Put your hands in your hair and let it fall naturally.If you feel like you want more relaxed hair, you can loosen it by raking your fingers through it.You can keep your hair down, clip it up or style it as you please.If you are happy with your hair, you can give your head another spray of hair spray.

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