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There is an error code on thesamsung washing machine.This information will help you identify what is making your washer display an error code.If you know what the fault code is, you can fix it.You can get an idea of what part is at fault with the specific error fault codes below.Further investigation may be necessary to find out what is causing the fault.

The door was unlocked when the washer was running.

The water does not drain from the washer.

If type of ez_fad_position is 'undefined'.

If the water temp is rising or falling too quickly.

If type of ez_fad_position is 'undefined'.

If the error code on your washing machine isn't listed here, you can find it on the internet.

There is a need for washer parts.There are over 6,000 new and discounted washing machine replacement parts.

There are error codes for many washing machines.

If you have a question about finding an error code for your washer, please ask it below.

There is a digit in front of the E but I don't know what it means and I am leaning towards temp issue.

I own a top loading device.If the washer is not on a quick wash or an all cold water wash, it shuts down with a 4C code.Plug it in to be able to power it off.There is no obstruction in the lines and no matter how long you wait it doesn't reset.Just keeps doing the same thing.

I own a washer.It is showing an error of 7e14, I have already checked the hoses, and reset the washer, but it is still showing the error.I don't know what to do next.

Please help.I have a top load washer that works fine until one day I turned it on and it powered off.I believe it displayed a code.It happened quickly.Then turned off and won't come back on.I have tried all of the online tips.Nothing.I had the noise filter tested.The power is not going to the main board.Is it the noise filter?Any info is appreciated.

I have multiple error codes such as Uc, 2a, and 9e and my washer won't start because the door wont lock.

I have a new washing machine.It worked well for the first 3 months.I tried putting a load through yesterday and it wouldn't go further than the first 3 minutes.Starts to fill with water and stops after 3 minutes.After I did Smart Check and turned it off, there was no error code, but the Add door was open.The Add Door is definitely closed, I have checked for anything that may be jamming it or the actual door, but it looks fine.They couldn't help me.Any ideas?

I have a washing machine.When the drum is on the slow turning part of the cycle, it doesn't turn, but it does not give an error code, so I think it is.

I have a new front loading washer, but it won't cycle a wash without a code of 4C, and the customer service is the worst I've ever dealt with.Wf45K6500AV/A2 is a model.

A red drum has appeared on the front panel of my eco bubble after each cycle.

We only got our front old washer 3 weeks ago, and it is frozen on normal wash, displaying the error code "AE6".What can I do?

If the wiring harness going to and from the main control panel is loose, you may have a faulty washing machine.

I have a top loading washer that used to give the dc code every wash but now it is giving the 3E code.?

My washing machine is displaying an error code.It does not spin after washing.

The washer can usually be unplugged for 10 minutes to fix the error code.This can clear the 2E fault code.You need to check the wiring harness from the mainboard if this doesn't work.All wiring harnesses need to be secured.

When I encountered the Uc error code on my washing machine, I waited until the normal voltage arrived and the machine started to operate normally.

At Power On mode, I am getting an error code that states that water comes into the tub more than usual, because the programme is in 63 minutes and is loaded with standard detergent and laundry.There is no water flow while the water supply tap is on and the tub is in Power Off mode.

There is a chance that the rubber hose from the bottom of the tub to the water level sensor could be jammed.

I checked the inlet valves for continuity and they were all good.Since my last post, I ordered a new Control board and thought it might be the problem since there was never an error code thrown.I swapped the board for the same issue.I can hear the pump running, however it's not telling the water inlet valve to open, so you can't stop it from running.I'm wondering if it's the control panel.

I have a front loader with a couple years old that is not getting water or throwing codes, but it will startup and you can hear clicking but no water... I checked the water supply and screens, all.All good, I checked the coin filter, all clean, and it keeps running, even though you can turn it off.To turn it off, it has to be unplugged.I unplugged over night and it did the same thing.I pulled the cover off the control board and there is a red flashing light on it, but I don't know if that's a problem with the board or something else in the system.

Check the water inlet valves and make sure the wiring to and from the main control board is secure. If no go, replace damaged wire harnesses or replace the board.

Every wash flashes ERR from the start.Sometimes the wash goes ahead, other times it stalls and sits there.There is no error code or constant beeping.The time of the wash can be changed by pressing pause.It just reverted to the same state when I tried unplugged.Hate electronic washers for this reason.

Check the wires leading to and from the board on your washer to make sure it's connected securely.

My washing machine won't open, it keeps making the lock sound until it does, then it will show DC1 error.It has been that way for over a week now.I couldn't open the fabrics.I would like to open it manually.Please reply as soon as possible.

You most likely have a faulty door locking assembly.Here is a page to show you what to do in your situation.

If the washer door is stuck or locked, the front loader has a small door near the base that you can open with an emergency pull release.

I have a washing machine that is malfunctioning, but it is working after a long time off.

We have a diamond drum top loader that has a red light on it after the last 2 washes.I don't know what it means.

I have a top load that is not supplying water and now it shows the code pc, what does it mean?

I wish I did this sooner.I bought a washing machine model # wa 48h7400aw/a2 two months ago.It hasn't worked yet.It currently displays a PE code after 7 visits from the repair man.The devil is in the details and it is probably something that has been over looked.

There are not many control boards that are bad and the clutch motor is reliable, so the problem is most likely in the wiring.

Plug the washer and check the wire connections between the clutch motor and the main electronic control board.

This is the same problem I am having.I don't get a reading when I measure resistance at the wiring harness with the machine unplugged.When I check the resistance at the stator, I get a very low reading.

The motor stops immediately if the fault is detected even once during the washing/rinsing stage.

During the dehydrating stage, when the number of signals reads more than 6 per 500 ms, the signal is to be detected.

When dehydration unbalance is detected, the motor stops working and feeds back to the initial stage of dehydration.Error "8E" is displayed when the feed back has occcurred twice.The process is stopped when it reaches more than 800rpm.

There is no reference to the error code U2 for the washing machines.

The new washer will not complete the test run.It's time to rinse and spin.The washer stops after rinsing.Will not move.Code 8e was briefly shown.It was unplugged and then it was restarted.No code, the same issue.Just stops.Help!

Control board connection error is the 8e error.The wire harnesses from the main control board to the washer need to be secured.

If you see the words "Le", "1e" or "le" on the sign, it's an error code.It is almost always caused by using too much detergent.This could mean there is an issue with the water level sensor.

I own a top loader.I checked the pressure switch and cleaned the draining hose after it overflowed.I put it on a spin function to drain water.

I own a top load washer.The code is displayed during a wash cycle, but will work through a rinse cycle.I checked the hoses and filters and they are all fine.Any feedback would be great.

If the machine cannot get water, it's a water inlet problem.Make sure the source water tap is turned on and check the water pressure.Check for Kinks.If the water supply is good, check and remove the first mesh filter and then clean the second one.

I have a front loader that won't spin to finish the load and it might be sending out an error code.I don't know what the code is but it will not spin the clothes.Does anyone know what I need to replace it with?How much will it cost?Let me know.

Without the error code, we can't say what part needs to be replaced.Is it possible to run an empty load and see if the washer shows an error code?Let us know.What is the model number of your washer?

The washer has been working for 4 years, but it won't run anymore.I don't know what is going on.Can you help?Thanks.

S.E.The D5 or DS error code is the same.The error is actually DS.The door of the washing machine is thought to be open or unlocked by the code.The door needs to be checked to make sure it closes correctly.Is it closing properly?The door locking assembly is faulty.To confirm that the door switch is faulty, you need to check it.Let us know what you find.

There is a defect in my washing machine.The machine is running.The timing is reduced from 28 minutes to 5 minutes but again goes to 20 minutes and the cycle continues.There is an issue.Can you help me?

When the start button is pressed, the water comes on to fill the tub.The water is still running even when the machine is not spinning.The drum is filled with water after the wash cycle ends.The correct sequence for the past few years has been to press the start button, select wash mode, hit start, and the door locks will open and water will be shut off once filled.

I need your help with my washing machine.When I start a load, it will give me a 5E error code if I don't drain the water quickly.

When the water is not draining properly from the washing machine, the error is displayed.The buzzer will sound if the water does not drain in 15 minutes.Check the washer drain pump, motor, and drain hose.There is a problem with the water draining out.

The front loader washer has been emptied.Have turned on the machine after leaving it for 15 minutes.The display still reads 200 and a red light even though the message has been removed.How do I get back to normal?Is it a problem with suspension rods?Is this an expensive fix?

The washer error code indicates that the load is unbalanced.Simply plug the washer in for 5 minutes to see if the errors have been fixed.If you don't want us to research your issue, please give us the model number.

I have a dishwasher that came up with an e3 error and I want to know how to fix it.

It's a good idea to make sure nothing is blocking the bottom of the dishwasher, such as food or objects.The dishwasher needs to be cleaned out.If you still get the error code, you should check the drain hose and drain pump to make sure they are working.

It is most likely a 5E error code.The front load washers have access panels to the debris filter.The drain pump has a filter in it to keep the drain hose free of gunk.The unpleasant odor, draining, and filling issues will arise if not cleaned regularly.The error code should clear if the filter is cleaned.

Do you know if the error code is 5C or 5E?Check the drain hose and waste connection.

A faulty water level switch is indicated by the washer error code.Check the switch to make sure it's working correctly.It needs to be cleaned.It will need to be replaced if it is clean and free of obstructions.

I just bought a front load washer and it keeps giving me a code error, what do I do?

The error code is displayed when the water is not draining properly from the washing machine.The remaining time indicator will show the 5E Error Code if the water does not drain within 15 minutes.

To fix it, remove the drain hose from the washing machine.The inside of the hose needs to be cleaned.Continue cleaning until the drain hose is free of obstructions.

There is an error in my washing machine.Please let me know how to fix this error.

The button on the washing machine is malfunctioning.This means the control panel components need to be replaced.Check the control panel area for obvious signs of the problem.You can fix the button on your own.Let us know what you find.

The washing machine has a signal communication error between the Main PCB and the Sub PCB. Remove power to the washer and wait 30 seconds. switch appliance back on again and start a new wash.

I own a top loader washer.When I wash it it fills with water and the code shows up.What can I do to fix this?

The washer 4E error code means a water inlet problem or the washing machine is not getting water.Check the water pressure and make sure the source water is turned on.Is it turned on either hot or cold?Is it fully open?The water inlet is where the water goes into the washer.If the washer is getting water and the hoses are not crimped, let us know and we can assist to fix it.

There can be 2 filters on the water inlet.There are two things in the hose at the tap end and one on the washing machine end.A little blue tag is used to pull the loader out of the machine end.Both filters can be blocked at the same time.It's DF.

I have a washer top load that is giving a 4E error, and I had to check to make sure the hot and cold are getting good pressure.I have completed a successful calibration on it.

The washer starts, locks the door, begins the pre-wash, and fills both hot and cold.About 10 minutes into the cycle, it throws a 4E error because it has 2 1/2 inches of water in the tub.It takes about 10 minutes to power the washer off after it dumps the water.

Have you made sure the water hose mesh filters are clean?The washer is having issues getting water because of the error code 4E.The washing machine will restart and attempt to fill with water again after this error is released.

There is still a type of water supply issue if you replace the water inlet valve.One of the main reasons a washer will get the 4E error is due to the mesh filters.

You might want to check the wiring coming from the pressure switch and the connections.Try opening the washer and cleaning the pressure bowl.

At what point do you experience an issue with your front loader?Does the washer work?If the door lock on the washing machine goes bad, you will not be able to wash.The door lock for the washer is pictured.Can you give us more information about what is happening with your washer?

I own a top loader washing machine.I put it on the quick wash cycle and it fills with water, but just about to spin, the error code jumps up and stops.I'm not sure what the problem is.

The laundry load is not balanced according to the error code.As per the recommended chart, try to redistribute the wash load.If the door is locked and the machine is displaying an error, please run a drain program and select the spin button until it stops spinning.

There is a connection error with the 8c or 8e error.There is a problem with the washing machine main circuit board.A new control board is needed to fix the washer.To make sure everything is secure, check the connections to the control board.A new control board is needed to fix your washer.

It is draining now.The spin is slow and the noise is still happening.Is a belt accessible?

You will have to open the washer to check the sound.If the spin is slow it could be a speed sensor in the washer.

Unless there is a malfunction in the display light, it is called "HC-76".It first appeared during the cycle.It wouldn't drain completely but would slowly turn clockwise and counter clockwise.When I heard the noise, it sounded like something was slipping.I didn't smell burning.The time display is at a slower than normal rate.

Randy G, make sure the drain pump is free of obstructions.Check the drain hose and drain filter.The washer will not spin if there is a drain issue.

The washer I have had for 5 years is the model #WF330ANB/XAA01).Problems draining and spinning have been happening to me.The manual doesn't mention "hc 76" which is displayed.I cleaned out any clogs after running several of the modes.The drum won't rotation when I try to run a cycle.It makes a sound like something is moving.I did not see anything after removing the back of the unit.Can you help me?

Please check the washer error code.Does the washer fill and drain as usual, even though the drum won'tROTATE, or do you smell an electrical burning smell or rubber burnt smell?

Check the drain hose for bends, make sure the pump is working, check the front filter, and clean if needed.

The washer stops working when I get a PC code.I might finish the cycle if I calibrate the machine before every load.The machine is new.They were back again to make sure the machine was level and connected correctly.They don't know what the PC code means.Everything tells me to check the clutch.Any help will be appreciated.

If we wanted a new machine or a skilled repair person to come and fix it, we would call the appliance company we bought it from.Why are you using the one month old washer?The PC error code doesn't show up in our database.Are you certain it is a PC?Do you mean to calibrate the washer before each wash?Can you give us the model number of your washer?

The washer model is #WF209ANWAR.I am getting an error code.The wires are in place.One website said to unplugged it.I don't know what to do with it.My husband looked up the code and what to do to fix it.I don't know what to do since he is not at home.

The 3E error code means a drive motor tach error.If you unplugged for 3 to 5 minutes, it didn't help.Make sure they are secure.Next, check the hall sensor.The washer has a hall sensor.The tub direction and speed are monitored.The sensor could be out of range or it could have a bad wiring connection.

The washer is unbalanced with or without clothes.The suspension rods and springs need to be replaced.

There is a DC error code on the WA400 that I have.Four minutes is how long it will spin for.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you think the machine is seeing a true unbalanced wash load or a false unbalance?Is the issue always happening or is it every now and then?Do you overload the washer or wash large items?Here is a video of the washer DC error.

Two months ago, I replaced the pump in my washer.We moved and now it is throwing an E2 code.Suggestions would be appreciated.

The control panel of your washing machine is most likely going to need to be replaced.The computer can sense a stuck or shorted key.The user interface PCB control is on the key pad.

The washing machine is malfunctioning.There is no error code.The sign of a lock is displayed when we push the button, not the child lock.Will be happy if someone can help solve the problem.

M.T.Is the door locked and won't open?There is a door locking mechanism fault.Check door locks with a meter.Have you tried to take the washer out?

I have a phone with the error as well.The drain hose is going directly into the tub after I checked and cleaned the debris filter.I think there is not enough water coming out of the drain hose.When I try a rinse and spin, I get a 5E error.

If you don't get a new drain hose or secure it, this will happen.The drain hose may not be the problem.The drain pump should be checked for debris.

My washing machine won't drain water even though it is showing a code.

Lydia, clean the filter.Make sure the drain hose isn't blocked.Make sure the drain hose is installed correctly.

Is there anything I can do to fix the machine or is it a lost cause?

Tiffany, you need to check the wire harness to make sure it's not loose.You can use the manual to test the motor.

I have an error message on my washing machine.I can't do anything with my machine because the first "E" is cut off in the display.I can't get my wet clothes out of the machine.

The power will be disconnected for 15 minutes.The machine should be reset if the washer is plugged back in.Please try to see what the full error code is if this does not solve your problem.You can take a picture and email it to us.

Jimmy, do you know if the error code is F409?What is the problem with your washer?Please provide a description.

I am having a problem with my washing machine.When I first get the 5E error, I check the water pump and clean everything, but now I get 4E, what should I do?

The machine may not be able to feed itself with water.Make sure both hot and cold water is on.Check for problems.You may have an issue with the water inlet valve if this is ok.Check the wiring harnesses to make sure they are secure.Does your washer work?Does the washer have an error code at the beginning of the wash cycle?

My top loader washer is sending a code and is not draining very fast.Does anyone know what is wrong with the drain line?

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