How to kick people off your wi-fi network at home is one of the topics covered by TechWiserComcast.

They can join your network on all their devices if you give them your wi-fi password.It usually works that way.Here are the steps to boot them off.

Changing the password on your routers is the most secure method.This will cause your network to be disconnected from all devices.You have to enter a new password on all your devices to get back into the wi-fi network.Anyone who doesn't have a new password will not be able to connect.

If you have a lot of devices, it will be difficult to connect them all.The only real method is this one.If you blacklist a device so it can't connect, someone with your password could connect on a new device.Even if they don't remember the password, there are ways to recover it on Windows PCs and other devices.

You need to sign in and change the password to do this.You can change the name of the network while you are at it.If you want to find the manufacturer's manual and official instructions, you can perform a web search for your routers name and model number.You can find a section called "Wireless" or "Wi-Fi" in your options.

You have to set a password on your computer.Set a strong passphrase and enable secure encryption.Anyone will be able to connect if you have an open network.

Access control features can be used to manage which devices are allowed to connect.Each wireless device has a unique address.You can blacklist devices with a certain address from connecting.You can set a whitelist of only approved devices and prevent other devices from connecting in the future.

Not everyone has this option.It is not completely secure even if you can use it.Someone with your password can change their device's address to match an approved one on your network.When connecting new devices or an attacker will just be able to connect at any time, it doesn't make sense to manually enter the MAC addresses.

If you just want to temporarily kick a device off temporarily, and you don't worry about your kids getting around the block, this could be a good method.

If it supports something like this, you have to look in your settings.The wireless card access list is on some Netgear routers, and it controls access to the internet.This won't kick them off your wi-fi, but it will let you "pause" internet access to devices.

If you are giving a guest access to your network, you can make it a lot easier on yourself by setting up your own network.The guest network is separate from the access network.You will never give your guests access to your main network if you have a network called Home Base.

This feature is called a guest network or guest access in the settings of many routers.There is a separate password for your guest network.If you ever need to change it, you can just change the password on the guest network.

Your main network can often be isolated from guest networks.If you enable "isolation" or "allow guests access to local network resources", your guest's devices won't be able to access file shares on your computers or other network-connected resources.

You have to dig into your settings to see if you have a guest network feature.Access control lists are more common than guest networks.

If you have access to someone's device and they don't have a password, you can remove the saved password.You can tell an Apple device to forget the network or to uninstall the saved profile on Windows.

This will solve your problem if you have access to the person's device and they haven't remembered or written down your password.They need to re-enter the password to get back on that device.They could see it on any device they have access to where the password is saved.

People recommend Netcut or JamWifi, which can send packets to other devices on your wi-fi network, if you search the web for this topic.

The software tools are trying to boot a device from your network.

This is not a real solution.It will keep trying to connect even after you deauthorize it.If you leave your computer on, some tools can continuously send deauth packets.

This is not a way of permanently removing someone from your network.

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