How To Make a Deadpool Costume

Want to dress up as your favorite superhero for a day?There are a lot of costumes on the market, but more often than not they are expensive.You can make your own costume and mask to save money.

Step 1: To mark the seam, wrap a red cotton fabric around your head.

Wrap your piece of fabric around your head.While holding it snug, mark off a small vertical line where the 2 ends of the fabric overlap.Make sure the red cotton fabric matches your skin suit by purchasing it from a crafts store.You can use a red pillowcase.Don't be afraid to use a different kind of fabric, cotton is the comfortable choice.Make sure you can tolerate it.

Step 2: Remove a straight cutline from the fabric.

The overlap mark can be used to draw a vertical line across the fabric where the 2 ends overlap.The excess fabric needs to be removed here.You can use a wooden ruler to guide your line.

Step 3: The excess fabric needs to be cut off.

The excess fabric can be removed with a pair of scissors.If you use a ruler, it will make cutting easier.Don't use scissors without the assistance of an adult.

Step 4: There should be 2 hems at each end of the fabric.

Use a glue gun to apply a small line of glue down one of the vertical portions of fabric.Put the 2 inch (1.3 cm) of fabric over the glue and press it down until it dries in place.The other vertical edge of the fabric needs to be repeated.A glue gun can be purchased from a big-box store.

Step 5: Glue the hems together.

The fabric should be laid on a flat surface with both hems facing upward.If you want the hem side to face downward, fold one side across half of the fabric.Apply a line of glue along the back of the hem and fold the opposing side across the fabric so that the front hem side touches the glue on the other hem.Once the glue dries, press down on them.You should make a long sleeve after drying.

Step 6: Pull the sleeve over your face.

The fabric should fit around your head after you pull the sleeve over it.Wrap the excess fabric around your head with an elastic band.Before you tie your elastic, fold the sides of the excess fabric.

Step 7: Put your sleeve over the foam head.

Remove the elastic and apply a line of glue underneath the folded side pieces.Press the side pieces down onto the glue and hold them in place for about a minute.When you look at your mask from the front, the excess fabric should be barely noticeable.

Step 8: Cut out the eye pieces from the mask.

It will be covered with leather, so don't worry about the color.Start by drawing from the bridge of the nose to the cheekbone.You can draw from the temple to the point below the cheekbone.Bring your marker up to the bridge of the nose and draw on the forehead.Go up to the top of the forehead by drawing from the temple.Use a pair of scissors to cut off the eyepiece.This process can be repeated for both eyepieces.The eyepiece outline can be created with a marker.Use a white marker for black face masks.Use a black marker if your face mask is white.

Step 9: There are 2 triangles in a piece of cardboard.

cardboard triangles can be used to create the pointed top part of the eyepiece.The triangles should be drawn onto a piece of cardboard.Make sure they are at least 13 cm tall and 3 cm wide.Use a pair of scissors to cut them out.If you think taller triangles look cooler, go for it!

Step 10: Attach the triangles to the eyeholes.

There is a thin line of glue above each eyehole.Press the bottom of the triangle onto the lines.After glueing the triangles above the eyeholes, their tips should point at the top of the eyepieces.Hold the triangles with your thumbs for 3 minutes after applying glue.

Step 11: Cut the eyeholes with a knife.

Each eyepiece has to be covered with leather.Each piece of leather should be at least 2 to 3 inches past the eyepiece's perimeter.Place the leather over the eyepieces and use a knife to poke a hole in each eyehole.Cut out the leather that's inside the eyeholes so you can see through them.When you're done, apply a small amount of glue around the outside perimeter of each eyehole and press down the excess leather over it.Bicast leather can be purchased from crafts and fabric stores.

Step 12: The eyepieces should be Glued to the remaining black leather material.

The eyepieces are not connected to the leather.Under the remaining pieces of leather, apply small lines of glue to the eyepieces.Hold the fabric for 2 to 3 minutes until it is dry.Use thin lines of glue to keep the leather from bulging.

Step 13: Attach the excess fabric to the back of the remaining black leather.

Cut off the excess fabric by using a pair of scissors.Glue around the back side of the eyepieces with a thin line of glue.You can't cut off excess fabric with this glue.After applying the excess fabric to the glue on the back of the eyepieces, place thin duct tape over them to hold them in place and help them dry.

Step 14: Attach the white fabric to the back of your eyes.

You need to see through the fabric before attaching it.Cut 2 small squares of white sheer fabric small enough to cover your eyeholes and extend onto the back of the maskThe squares should be taped to the back of the mask.White sheer fabric can be purchased from arts and crafts stores.

Step 15: There are eye holes in red fabric.

Hold each eyepiece over your eye and sketch an outline around it.The portions should be removed with a pair of scissors.Don't worry if the holes are too big as they will be behind the eyepieces.You don't want to ruin your mask by using a pencil.

Step 16: Attach your eyepieces to your mask.

Glue the perimeter on the back of the eyepiece.Press each one onto your mask and hold them in place for 2 to 3 minutes until the glue dries.To make sure you can see properly, align your eyepieces over your face.

Step 17: You should wear a red skin suit that doesn't cover your face.

You can buy a red skin suit from online suppliers.Make sure it is the same shade of red as your fabric.Try to find a suit with a thin material that is easy to draw on.If that's more comfortable, replace the red skin suit with red leggings and a red collared jacket.These might be more difficult to draw onto.

Step 18: The black areas of the costume should be painted.

Black outlines on your red suit can be created with a black marker and a picture of a deadpool.Do your best and don't worry about getting everything perfect.The shoulder guards and vertical chest guards are the most important parts of your body.Black paint is used to fill the outlines.You can either have a friend do this step for you while you wear your skin suit or you can do it yourself.Painting your suit while it's on will result in the best final product, if you have a friend do it.

Step 19: Black gloves and boots are required.

Look for gloves and boots at a big-box supplier.Any kind of tactical boots with a long shaft look the best.Don't buy it if it's not comfortable.You're going to have to wear boots even if you find one that looks cool.

Step 20: Put your weapons in a black belt.

Start by buying a black belt with lots of holsters and hooks.Buy two toy katanas, 2 toy sai blades, and 1 toy handgun after that.If you want, you can modify these 5 weapons.The character of Deadpool is known to be able to use any weapon.Attach your weapons to your belt or body after you buy them from a toy store.You can use any kind of ninja weapons, toy grenades, and guns with your costume.

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